Au Secours!



JanJ said...

I hope this works!


Laura said...

You aren't alone sister...My boss is going to stop coming by my desk in the morning as I rant at him for 5 min about
I have:
-stopped doing constant follow ups. If I ask for something and you don't do it, I have the proof I did my part and save it to cover my a$s.
-let a few things go and just make sure my boss knows it. If 'A' is the priority..so be it. The other stuff will be done just not today.
-I have been getting to my office my 6:30...no one is here and I can plug away in silence.
-I do some work at home..I don't like it but at least an hr or so is keeping me above water.
-can't help it but running/spinning/golfing is keeping me sane.

Food Coma said...

I am sorry that things are tough for you right now. It will pass, I know that sounds cheesy but it will (haha mouse-cheesy) You are one tough lady and I know that things will turn around quickly. I do know one thing...when I feel crappy working out makes me feel way better than food. Even if it is just a walk. It is something you CAN control when work feels like something you can't. It is easy advice to give but I know it can be so hard to take that one step, literally. In order to support you I am going to go walk to do some errands right now. I could drive but I will walk in solidarity! Take care.

jainey said...

play that drum set behind you!
download some songs!
damn the man!

krissie said...

The nerd in me? I make lists. I love lists. I also add things to the list that I've already done just so I can check them off and feel productive. When I have everything in front of me in black and white, it makes things seem more manageable.

Even though my stress is emotional instead of professional, I'm in the same place you are right now. Everything about being healthy has taken a backseat. And I think that's part of life. I think that's okay. As long as you're not completely off track and there is an end in sight to your work stress, just do what you have to do to get by. It is okay!

I try to find some spot in my day for some fun. It may be something as small as dancing around to a favorite song while I'm brushing my teeth. Or sending a funny text while I'm in line to get lunch. Find little opportunities to be you - the you you want to get back to - and realize that you will get caught up.

We're pulling for you, girl!

cinemarie said...

oh Marie, I feel your pain - I know what you are going through - I am going on um... about year 6 of feeling like that off and on (more on than off, but I'm working on that...)
The only thing that I can say - I'm not sure I can articulate it properly but i'll try - is to 'stay positive'. If you are feeling like you are drowning it's because you care about what you do and you want to do it right, and the constant reminder that it's difficult and that the deadline is unreasonable, etc. it can't help. I try hard to visualize a positive outcome, trust that, one thing at a time, it will all get done. I know - much easier said than done... but as silly and simple as it seems - that's what works for me the best... It's ok, it'll get done, and if there are a few things that don't work out as well, it's not the end of the world...
I also take a few minutes here and there to stop looking at my computer and breathe deeply for a minute.
What Laura said about priorities I do a lot too - get my project manager to tell me what he would like done first or in what order he would like things to be done. I usually keep a list of all there is to do and guide them through telling me - usually they realize when they see how extensive the list is that it's not possible for you to get them all done for the same deadline... Also, if they pick the wrong thing first it's their problem not yours... and I like that ;)

Hope this helps!

oh and... OMG did Jainey totally just quote Empire Records? Awesome!! hee hee hee :)

H-woman said...

Life jacket? =) I don't swim, so drowning is a big fear of mine!


Cuddle with my cat.

Sit outside on my fabulous patio and marvel at how gorgeous my city is in the summer. I usually have a mojito in hand. They help, too!

Also a list maker. Also add things just so I can cross them off. Break things down into smaller pieces so that I can cross off more things!

I'm not sure how it works where you work, but I'd take in a calendar showing all of the deadlines you're currently trying to meet (I'm a visual learner) to show that while you are amazing and can do incredible things, there are only so many hours in the day and you are only one person.

Breathe! (and if I remember correctly from swimming lessons, keep your legs moving like an egg beater and your arms moving at the surface and your chin up)


Sarah said...

My coping mechanisms suck, I eat, lay around as much as possible and only do the necessary things. So really I'm of no help here :(

Thanks for the post, I found myself nodding to most of what you said. Hang in there mouse!

Anonymous said...

Would it be too much to ask for you to turn off the TV in the background.... I can't really understand much of what you are talking about.

marie said...

would it be too much for you to include your name?

funny how everyone else heard me...

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