You get what you give

So the month of May draws to a close today.

Thank freakin’ Gord (whoever he may be).

It has been just about the CRAZIEST month in the LONGEST time, with me having a slew of events and deadlines at work (some still to come – yuck), three races, a quick trip to the east coast, some softball and maybe there was a date or two thrown in there for fun.

But you know I never kiss and tell on here (mostly because my ability to keep a man is somewhat like my ability to drive a car – I just can’t do it).


Needless to say it all caught up with me in the end and I was sick with a cold last week (that was also just about the hottest week on record around these parts), which made for a HORRIBLE race on the weekend.

Yeah…I did back-to-back half marathons. I’m super stupid, eh?

And although I’d LOVE to pin my horrible race time on the cold itself, I’ve realized that I put zero effort into training for the two half marathons I ran this month. I did one long run a week before Bluenose and that’s it. So I deserved the personal worst that I got and then some. Sure, I can complete a race, but what’s so great about giving up on yourself, walking parts of it out of complete fatigue and not listening to your body when you really should quit. Training is such an important piece of getting to that distance. Yes, I had spent umpteen weeks before running my tail off, but not to get to 21.1km. I should have known better.

Flourless, butterless, chocolate walnut cookie by QueenBPastryBut something I apparently did deserve was another cookie.

Sam brought me this AWESOME Flourless, Butterless, Chocolate Walnut Cookie from Queen B Pastry that she picked up at Dark Horse Espresso, one of neat independent coffee houses here in TO.

Such a treat was warranted not only because mice like cookies, but because lovely mice pick up race kits for friends so that they don’t have to go out of their way.

The cookie was AMAZING. So moist and YUMMY. DEFINITELY try it out if you can get your hands on one.

So in all of the giving and receiving, the lack of training and poor running, the sMay 31 Weigh-in - 156.9lbsickness and craziness, you may have noticed a lack of scale pics this month, eh? Well, they’re back. And I don’t deserve this AT ALL, but with goalaversary and the end to the x-weighted challenge only about a month away, I have to get my butt in gear, and this sight has me feeling at ease after a month of complete chaos.

So  2.9 and 11.9. One month and six weeks.



cinemarie said...

I agree with you about training, it's true that it's important (I need to tell myself that big time) But I do think you need to give yourself credit for how much running, how much training, how much distance you have accomplished in the past, and how much of that you will do in the future I'm sure :)
That is VERY nice of you to have picked up a race kit for a friend, this person is lucky to have you as a friend!!
Hope you get back to a more manageable work schedule soon - it's not fun to work non-stop like that! Give yourself a pat on the back, you are working hard girl!! :)

Sam said...

Agreed agreed agreed with Cinemarie.

You don't give yourself enough credit, love. All of the training we did with the 10km clinic counted for lots! And you JUST RAN A HALF 7 days ago - halfway across the country! Oy - that's hard!

You're in fab shape. Period. How many people can say "yeah yeah, even with a cold, I can bust out a half marathon"? Yesterday, it was hot as Hades, you were exhausted, sniffly, it was a tough run, but you gutted it out. BRAVA! *stands up and applauds*

I don't know how I would have got my race packet, and then limped my sorry ass home after the race without you . . . I'm a lucky lucky girl to have the famous (or "infamouse") Marie around!

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