This post has been brought to you by sugar

Cookies, kisses, cake and squares - UGH

So this is pretty much what the past 48 hours have looked like for me.

Three Costco cakes, hundreds of cookies, 100 bucks worth of Hershey Kisses, trays of brownies, two fancy dinners, a luncheon, tons of hors d'oeuvres, wine, cheese (!!!), and litres and litres of punch.

I’ve  got tired arms from shaking hands, sore cheeks from smiling broadly, taken a bazillion photos, and celebrated some amazing people.

I’m tired, my feet hurt and my pants feel tight.

But I wouldn’t trade it all for the world.

As stressed as this all makes me, these types of things are exactly what I wanted to get into…although not on this scale, maybe not in this industry and this location wasn’t in my original plan, but it all fits into the master plan.

But sleep should be in that plan too, which I’m severely lacking.

Someone please pass the coffee.

And maybe a carrot.



Natalie said...

Mmm.... sugar....

marie said...

And just when I thought I was safe, my manager just had these delivered to us.

So. Screwed.

Laura said...

I'm not even a big 'sugar' kind of person but I am have some wicked chocolate cravings of late...must be the rain.
I would love a cupcake right now.

SugarHangover McGee said...

lottsa sleep deprivation up in herre as well.
yesterdays diet was FAB if by FAB you mean included a ginormo bag of jellybeans---which I do.

but youll have that huh?

Christina said...

Hi Marie

I have been following your blog after all this time and you still amaze me! I started a blog AGAIN and would love to have you check it out!


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