There’s a Reason EVERYONE Gets a Medal

So yesterday was the Sporting Life 10km.
This should be where Jainey’s jackassery post should be. But he’s a giant slacker/technostupid (love you!) that he didn’t write it because adding pictures in blogger makes him want to tear out his hair and I haven’t taught him how to use Windows Live Writer. Jainey makes crank calls on the banana phone
Plus he’s so pretty. Just look at him on his banana phone.  
So after 10 weeks of training, the clinic that Sam & I coached ran their goal race yesterday morning and boy did those folks do us proud.
It’s amazing to watch people progress over a period of weeks, watch them through highs and lows, and then see them smiling and proud, with medals around their necks and crowing about their times as they finished their very first 10km race…or first race at all.
And some of us may have had a personal best yesterday, despite humidity and threats of thunderstorms, not to name any names (NOT me) ;)
And me? Well, I was just happy to meet my X-weighted fitness goal. The last year and half has seen my race finish times steadily climb as the numbers on the scale have increased. With life stresses, declining self-esteem and just a general funk setting in, running just wasn’t something I was enjoying.
At. All.
I professed my distaste for running on here even.
And I admit, I still don’t LOVE it like some people claim to (in fact, I think those people are nutters), but I do it for my own crazy ass reasons. But yesterday morning I didn’t hate it. I ran that 10km with all of the people I love in my mind, happy thoughts of clinic kids running their races, people I’ll be running future races with and having crazy adventures with very soon making appearances and making me giggle, and passing thoughts about what hijinx jainey and his fellow friends were up to at the front of the pack.
I just let me feet do the work and my mind wander. Happy.
Because that’s where I AM right now.
And I got in just under an hour, which was my goal.
Granted, I could have been WELL under my goal but I caused myself a little neck pain and slowed down, but this isn’t the place for excuses or sob stories. I did what I had to do to be comfortable and finish, never giving up on myself.
And that’s what I saw from each person I know who raced.
And that’s why they all get a medal. Whether they were 500th or 12,000th. They accepted a challenge, went out there, and met it. Some even exceeding their own expectations.
So congratulations – everyone!


jainey said...

let's be real.
you had a way better story. :)
(also, half of my run pics are blurry.)

marie said...

You're a way better draw here, sir.

And Michelle says, "BANANA HAMMOCK!"

H-woman said...

Congratulations! One of my running goals is to do 10K in 60 minutes or less. Not there yet, but one day!


Counting Girl said...

Congrats on your run! I'm hoping someday to get back into it. I did enjoy it once upon a time.

Jaime said...

I just want you to know that this post made me smile out loud.

And if I don't get to meet Jainey when I come to Toronto I might have to punch you in the nose.

marie said...

@Jaime So bringing a picture of Jainey to Hali isn't going to cut it, eh? Damn.

Don't worry. I know where to find him & it involves your favourite beverage stop ;)

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