The Little Things…

So kind of like the 1000 awesome things that is ever so popular right now, these are the 10 little things that have saved my sanity this week.

I’m going through a pretty rough patch right now. Work is super busy, my body apparently hates me and I don’t know which way is up, but taking the time to appreciate little bits and pieces of life really helps.

You should too.

  1. Little hands – It’s amazing how ten tiny fingers can bring you so much joy. I saw my nephew the other day and I totally wasn’t expecting to. My brother just happened to be out for a walk with him and we were out in the school yard with the Scouts. Next thing you know, little D is in my arms and I am melting. All you have to do is pretend to eat his teeny, tiny mitt and the cutest little giggle spreads across his face. That’s enough to make mousearoo in her threadless tshirtyou forget about every little trouble in the world.
  2. Threadless tees -  I am obsessed with graphic tees and these shirts are just about the cutest things. The one at right is my latest purchase. Yes, I know I’m a nerd for wearing books in jackets, but I thought it was freakin HILARIOUS. I also tend to purchase anything involving mice. They make me giggle and we all know how I like acting like I’m 12. I think it’s important to act as young as you want. Stay as youthful as you can…
  3. Hockey – I <3 the habs. I think that’s self-explanatory.
  4. Messages to Old Friends – I’ve had few falling outs with friends over the years, have lost touch with others and some who just fell off of the radar for whatever reason. In the last week, one had a very special event and another had strange turn of events that saw them put in a position that I am all too familiar with. Simply sending them a note to say hello, wish them well and show them I care made me feel good. Maybe that’s selfish, but I hope it made them feel good and transferred a bit of positivity too.
  5. Fresh Ground Coffee – I’ve been fortunate to have breakfast & morning coffee provided at my place of employment. Sadly, that service stops during the summer months so I’m on my own until September. Recently, I sucked it up and bought myself a grinder, as coffee  beans easily come my way as I may know one or two ‘bucks employees. Sweet baby Jeebus – the difference is remarkable and really makes my day.
  6. Uncontrollable Giggles – Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, maybe it’s the over-caffeination or even the lack of oxygen we sometimes experience in our shared office, but my coworker M and I will spell a word wrong, find a story on the ‘net, run into the corner of the desk, speak in fake accents – SOMETHING – that will SNAIL MAIL! - people still write letters!send us into fits of giggles that almost turn into tears. Yes, we’re nuts but it gets us through the day.
  7. Snail Mail – In an age where everyone is all about electronic communication, it’s so frackin kickASS to get a REAL letter every now again. Beesie sent me a lovely note with super cute stickers she picked up in the ‘Peg. How awesome is that?!?!?
  8. Walks in the sunshine – mental health breaks are where it’s at. I’m lucky to work in a very picturesque area surrounded by stunning neo-gothic architecture, beautiful trees and plant life and close to a ton of shops and a bit of culture. Tiny walks save my sanity. Seriously. I could do without the wacky students, though.
  9. Chip truck fries – Sometimes you need greasy food to make you feel better. Just once. It also made me feel vile, I will admit. But for $2.50, it was a valuable lesson, a small piece of nostalgia and got me through a very LONG day.
  10. Lenny – M & I  watch this video every Friday, and so should you.

        So, what are your little things??


      Laura said...

      Have you checked out Glarkwear? Their Ts make me laugh..
      These are a few of my favorite things....
      1. first sip of coffee in the morning.
      2. the crazy chirping birds in our neighborhood.
      3. a clean house. I hate doing it but am so happy when it is done.
      4. hugs...even though I am not a huggy kind of gal.

      Christy said...

      You look so TINY in the picture. What a great post for a Friday afternoon, I think I may have to copy it :)

      Cat said...

      Love this post, and I need that T-Shirt.....and that blackberry cover.

      I send snail mail all the time, because like you, i think it's awesome to get a letter or card in the mail...such a surprise when all I normally pull out of my mailbox are magazines and bills.

      The little thing I'm grateful for today, is the fact that I got to read this whole post, and comment without it freezing on me! WOOT!

      Sam said...

      MMM . . . . Lenny. Definitely a good way to end every week!

      Natalie said...

      Ah Lenny... You are too beautiful for your own good. Yummy!

      I love getting letters in the mail - it's so romantic or poetic or something.

      Great list!

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