If you give a mouse a cookie…

teehee – that’s totally my go to book for baby showers. Just ask Angie :)

But that’s not what this about. Well, it is and it isn’t. I was totally hooked by a cookie that I SO DID NOT NEED yesterday morning but I bought anyway because it was there and because it was awesome and because it was the size of my frickin’ head.

Ok. So maybe it wasn’t the size of my head. Yes, I know I’m prone to exaggerate a little a lot, but it was definitely the size of the palm of my hand. That right there should IMG00249-20100526-1255[1]have told me that I should NOT have picked it up when I was buying my morning coffee. That and the fact that it was a freakin’ cookie. But not just any cookie, my pets – it was a Skor Shortbread cookie. Who the flippity flop comes up with these things?!?!?!??!

But really. Look at it --->

Can you blame me?

My stomach did. We were not friends for the rest of the day.

And speaking of my stomach, it not only pains me, but now it’s kicking me in the box to look at. Well, really I’m talking about my abdomen more than my actual digestive system.

Yes, I know I’m hard on myself, but who isn’t?

The race pics are up from this weekend’s crazy arse race and, as always, I take craptastic race photos. Well, one isn’t bad and I’m considering purchasing it as I haven’t had a decent race photo since 2007, but the rest make me so incredibly self-conscious about my body, something that I thought I was slowly making progress on and feeling so much better about.

I give you exhibits A and Blah.

Please note the awesome copyrights splashed all over the photos as I am being cheap at the moment :)

BNSF3589[1] BNFA2005[1]

OOOH! Look at me all gazelle like! So focused and determined! Almost like a runner!

Could my thighs me ANY BIGGER?! Could I look any less enthused? Could gravity be pulling my chub any closer to the ground? I SEE YOU, STUPID FLAP! SERIOUSLY?!

BLEH. But who is to blame for all of this? MOI! Have I really been eating well in the last two weeks? Not so much! Did I really care about what I ate this weekend? Hell no! I distinctly remember making jokes about being a success story once upon a time and then stuffing a french fry in my mouth… Oh, the good ol’ days…

What happened to them?

But we all know I’m a better runner, I feel better in my skin, I have positive body image and great self-esteem when I EAT WELL and exercise.

Not that I’m going to cure the bouncing apron or anything, but it will at least make me feel better…

So what’s the deal?


Yeah. That’s what I thought.


Oh look! Is that a band wagon?

I think I’ll go over there and find out.


But after lunch…which I have to buy…because I’m so lazy…


H-woman said...

I like Photo A. Buy it!

I would have bought the cookie, too. Shortbread anything is my weakness. Add a skor bar to the mix and well, I may not have been able to stop at just one.

Your tummy is still rebelling? Egad! Have you gone to the doc? Have you tried gluten free--celiac is pretty common in those of Scottish & Irish descent.


PunkRockMom said...

You're a rock star, Mousie. Buy the picture:)

Cat said...

I think that you should NOT feel self conscious, because you're beautiful and fit, and just ran a HALF MARATHON! I am so proud.

I want that cookie.


Angie All The Way said...

I've got a post in progress to sum up the weekend which includes your awesome baby shower gifties - how appropriate!

Actually, Missy Mouse, I totally meant to COMPLIMENT you on how amazing you looked!!! You worked really hard to shed those pounds and you looked so tiny and athletic!! I totally get the flabby discontent on the "extra" that can't be lost on its own, but girl, seriously, you looked FABULOUS!!!! Like no joke - you are half the size of this mama easily!

Jaime said...

Buy the photos!! I'm so glad there are some for you to buy because we were too far away from you to get a decent shot!!!

You look like a fabulous, fit runner. Don't you dare think any different!!

on another note: did you find anything for your bro at the airport?

Jen said...

So yeah - you are super hot. I think you forget that we saw you in person, in all your cute, teeny, water-wingy fabulousness!

You ran a friggin half marathon, and you looked amazing doing it!! I think your pictures look fantastic - but I think the first definitely depicts exactly who you are and what you looked like during that run!

Oh dear, what was the point of this comment? Oh yes, you are hot. That is all...

(Please send me a cookie...)

Healthy Lynn said...

I think your finish line pics looks great, especially given that you just ran almost 2.5 hours in the heat. You looked determined and very focused to finish. :)

Boris Terzic said...

The pics look good!

Sarah said...

I say buy it too, what a great accomplishment! You look strong just as you are!

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

if it makes you feel any better, I've been sucked into those damn cookies a few times myself *sigh*

....and girl....any race photo is a great race photo in my opinion...the fact you ran back to back 1/2 marathons...dear god girl...your a tank! What an inspiration for a girl who just started.

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