I Heart Hali


Thanks to Tara, Jaime, Jen, Jen, Cat, Lynn, Angie and Tash for all of the fun and hospitality.

And it was lovely to have met Lex, Les and Katie. Sorry to anyone I may have missed ♥


Can’t see the video above? View it on my YouTube channel. Can’t see YouTube videos? Sucks to be you.


Leanne said...

No doubt Hali loves you!!!

This is my first video I have watched of you (usually I am at work).

I miss you!!!

Congrats again!!!

Amy said...

I got goosebumps watching your video, so I can only imagine how you felt.

Way to go Marie.


Nif said...

You're adoreable. ♥


H-woman said...

You are my hero--you're way faster than me!

Glad you had fun on the east coast. We'll find you a run out here for next year!


Jaime said...


Angie All The Way said...

Gah, I got a lump in my throat. I felt honoured to be there to cheer you on and a little sad that I wasn't able to do it with you like originally planned, but I was super excited to watch you finish. You are such an amazing woman and inspire me to get back into it apres peanut's arrival :-)

I'm thrilled that you had a good visit, even though it was a short time to fit so much in.

I will email you the pics I managed to catch when you finished the race!

Thanks for coming Marie you are ALWAYS welcome in Hali!

Sincere thanks especially for your wicket awesome one of a kind onesies and THE HOCKEY SWEATER!!!! You can be guaranteed those will be framed when s/he grows out of them!

Lynn said...

Marie, it was so great to finally meet you and spend some time together this weekend!

You did fantastic in the Half. I'm sorry that I couldn't run it with you as planned. I loved hearing your thoughts about the run though! The hills in the park are a struggle for even the most experienced runner. Running the entire thing in the heat was an amazing accomplishment!

I'm going to echo Ang in saying that you're always welcome to come visit Hali anytime!!!

Healthy Lynn said...

PS. That above comment was me, I was signed in with the wrong gmail account. ;)

Cat said...

I was proud just to know you and cheer for you for your first Nova Scotia half. I got misty watching this video!

well done Marie....You deserve to feel proud of yet another amazing accomplishment.


Laura said...

What a great video. I am so a "I need to know where I am going" kind of runner. Glad you had a great trip and have the blog support system you do.
.....the Oakville half in Sept is flat.....
Just saying...

Shrinking Sara said...

Way to go mouse!

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