You Couldn't Pay Me Enough

mousearoo pretending to be a superfantastic model in one of her success story photos Well, actually, you never paid me squat to rep your stuff but I'm not bitter ...much.
But seriously, I wouldn't want to OFFICIALLY be a spokesperson for any weight loss company, be it Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or whatever brand floats your boat today.
Free stuff would have been cool, though. Just sayin'.
So yesterday, Weight Watchers announced that Jennifer Hudson would be the newest face for the brand.
Great, right?
Um, apparently not everyone is so thrilled. Uh, what gives people?
Some people think that having a spokesperson is only a detriment to a program as it can only show the negative to a weight loss program, letting people know that failure is possible in the end when pounds can be packed back on by celeb endorsers who are quickly tossed aside for the newest flavour of the month when they no longer work for the brand.
Where is Sarah Ferguson, by the way?
But why do we think in such negative ways? Why do we put so much pressure on people? On ourselves? Do you really give a flying fig newton what famous(e) person is pimping a weight loss program before you hand over your credit card number?
I mean, I adore Sara Rue but you don't see me forking over my hard earned cashola for JC and you never will. I don't know squat about JHUD to be honest, nor do I really care to know anything. She does nothing for me. I can take her or leave her, really.
But it applies to anything, from shoes to pots and pans. I won't be running out to buy Nike products just because Paula Radcliffe wears it or a pot just because it has Jamie Oliver's name on it and even if I do, I won't blame them if it's a piece of crap. They're not in R&D at the company. They don't make the products. They don't slave over formulas, testing, development, production, marketing, etc., they just show up, shake hands and kiss babies, really. They put a friendly face on these things. They humanize something that can be scary for people.
Well, maybe not the pots & pans, but you get where I'm going with this.
So who gives a fuzzy frog who's the face of a program. Failure is yours and yours alone. As is success.
As for me, I blame my failure on the stress of having to continue to pay for Weight Watchers online two years after reaching goal despite being a Weight Watchers Online Success Story *cough cough*.
I know I'm a jackass. Deal with it :)


Glam said...

I agree. I hate celeb product endorsements. In fact, I refuse to buy anything that is attached to a celeb spokesperson, UNLESS it's something I already do/buy & love.

This include perfume, shoes, diets, & makeup. I'm sure the list if even greater. Don't get me started on Jennifer Aniston for Smart Water. Heh?

I guess I missed why you're still having to pay for WW even though you're a success story. Is it b/c you're not at goal?

marie said...

@glam Nope. They never offered me a thing. I was at & under my goal weight for two years. They just never give you a thing.

Pretty awesome, eh?

Heather said...

I completly agree with you. I don't give a rats ass who is endorsing a product. If I like it, I'll buy it and if I don't then it doesn't matter who is trying to hock it!

BTW I think you're awesome and WW really should have at least given it's success stories ppl some nice swag and free access to the tools that helped them reach goal for life, no-strings attached.

PunkRockMom said...

Love your take on this Mousie:)

Fran said...

I also don't get excited about products if celebs use it. I buy things because I like it.

In fact I'm not a hugh fan of celebrities as spokesman for weight loss companies because unlike us "the normal people" if they want to lose weight they usually have a cook and a PT who helps them with it. We have to do it alone with a little help from our (blog) friends.

Rob Dyess said...

Oh yeah, I don't care who endorses what.

Now, if I am going to endorse something.... that is fine, I just have to believe in it. I am not going to start endorsing magic software or beans or something!!

Thanks!! Like your blog!


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