This Used to be My Playground

Growing up with three brothers made me a bit of a tomboy. Despite the odd dress, the cute lil voice of mine and heels at work everyday, you can still see it in me as I can be a little rough around the edges in terms of attitude and I also curse like a trucker (but that may be more of a by-product of growing up in a trucking family…and probably the rebellion against Catholicism).

But I always HAD to be where my brothers were, from quitting Girl Guides for Scouts and Irish dancing for t-ball.

The latter helped me out later in life as I got called on often to fill the estrogen quota on teams and it was a great social thing. It also allowed me to hang out with everyone’s favourite jainey.

But for the last few years I’ve shelved playing ball. Full stop.

Until this year.

One of jainey’s friends asked me to play on his team. A team I played for once upon a time. So off I toddled to practice a week or so ago.

Man, do I ever suck.

But really, I ALWAYS did.

I’m not a very competitive person. Yes, I like when our team wins a game and I’m not so happy when we lose, but I just like going out and having fun. I do NOT want to be the person who brings the team down. And right now, I feel like *I* could be that person.

Which is odd because I feel really good about myself lately, all motivating and stuff, and then I come to a situation where I feel like I’m the frackin albatross and I’ve got nothing in the tank.

But so what if I throw like a girl? So what if my bat needs some time to wake up? So what if my glove has a giant hole in it for awhile?

Hopefully they’ll understand, bury me behind the plate where I won’t embarrass them too much and let me be the cheerleader that I’m super good at being.

Everyone needs one of those, right?

This is rec ball after all.

If not, I need to find me some pom-poms.


jainey said...


marie said...

Yeah, hi... I co-coach a RUN CLINIC, remember? One of the nights for it is WEDNESDAY!

I'll *try* to come after...


Kathleen M said...

I'm excited for this season even more now!!!

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