Strange Things Are Afoot…

IMG00178-20100418-1318[1]So you may have noticed last week’s weigh-in missing.

Or you may not care.

Well, I may not care about you either.

Nyah. There. We’re even.

I just didn’t bother to post it, but I will now (just not in picture form). It was 158.8lbs. Today’s is at right. That’s right folks – a whopping .4lb loss – wheeee! But then again, that was after a gain. Blargh.

But you should be happy to note the new spring colour on my toe nails thanks to Sam. Blue, just pour vous :)

I’ve been having weird stomach issues for the past few weeks that lead me to believe that I’ve developed some sort of gluten issue. Really, that’s the only thing that I can think of as I don’t eat a lot of dairy or processed foods, but I’m plagued with the worst stomach cramps known to man after meals.  I’m only having my regular stuff (oats & almond butter or egg with toast for brekkie, brown rice/veggies/meat or pasta/veggies/meat for lunch  & something similar for dinner – TOTAL creature of habit) so that’s all that I can think of. Do any of you have any other ideas?

Because it’s  not crippling pain just an annoying discomfort, I’m going to try something for the next couple of weeks and not be  too concerned about weight loss.  I’m going to severely limit my intake of starches and I’m going to be eating more like a caveman. A by-product of that will probably be weight loss (but if there isn’t, I’m not going to be too concerned), so there may or may not be a weigh-in next week.

I just need to figure out what’s causing me so much pain and slowly reintroduce things. I don’t think it’s severe enough yet to talk to my doctor, so I’m going to try this for a few weeks. If it still bugs me when I go back breads and pastas in a few weeks, I’ll go get checked at my doctor.

Until then, if it didn’t come from the ground or you can’t kill it, I’m not eating it. It’s more of a Paleo Diet than anything crazy like. Although, that in itself is pretty crazy which is why I don’t think I can stay on it too long. I can’t imagine a world without pasta. I teared up just typing that.

This does NOT mean I’m going carb free. I’m half-Irish, for crying out loud, and in all of those whacked out diets you have to cut out ‘taters. Potatoes are a food group unto themselves, in my opinion. I think “Thou must eat potatoes” was the 11th Commandment.

But this is just my opinion. I admire the people who can make it a lifelong change and do well on it. I just don’t think I can.

I just want to get to the root of this discomfort so I’m willing to try it for a spell before harassing my poor ol’ doc.

So here’s hoping I can figure it out on my own.


pamphilia said...

...a life without pasta would also bring a tear to my eye. it just ain't gonna happen, sista!

...i hope you figure out what is bothering you!

sunshine! said...

Hey Mousie - didn't know you climbed on Saturday! Still wondering if it was you I saw a bit later Saturday near St-Lawrence Market.


H-woman said...

Hope you get your tummy troubles figured out. That would suck. I think potatoes are their own food group. Fried, baked, mashed...


Miz said...

Ive been GF for about 16 years...back then no one really "got" gluten sensitivity especially if you didnt have celiacs (I dont).

email me if you want!

Laura said...

Weird...we are in sync as I have been having the same sort of thing going on of late as well. I have been focusing on more veggies etc. and just a bit less gluten to see if it helps.
of course, it could be just be marathon jitters as well..I feel like I want to barf all the time.

Physicallee Fit said...

Good luck figuring out the cause of the stomach cramps. I finally realized that cow milk made me stuffed up so I switched to goat milk. I still need to do some tweaking to figure out what foods are best for MY body and what foods aren't.

Good for you to start figuring it out.

Katherine said...

Sorry you've been feeling so ick. I also had some really horrible pain that sounds like what you're describing and it turned out to be gall stones. Apparently the stones will keep coming back, so the treatment is to remove the gall bladder. It seemed especially odd since I was also eating super healthy and had recently lost about 80 lbs.

I'm not sure if that is what you're going through but you might want to keep it in mind as a possibility.

Nif said...

Got no advice, just hope you feel better soon. xo

Tara Dufour said...

Been having some of the same stomach issues. I've been thinking of doing the same thing you are. Even if the wheat isn't the source, it certainly won't hurt to try to cut it out or at least limit it. Let me know how it goes.

Sam said...

Pretty toes!

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