Math is Hard, But So is Life

So that X-weighted challenge that we were all so pumped about in January but I haven’t heard a peep about from anyone since is still going on and is half way through now.

With Monday’s weigh-in, I’m sitting a couple of pounds away from that goal, but knowing my body, it’s going to go up and down a few times before I get there, which is just fine because we have three months for it to figure itself out.

Perfect-o. Rah!

But with the start of that challenge, there were some measurements that had to be taken. There was also a horrible before shot and stupid fitness test that I opted out of (me and rules, you know how I am).

The pictures I did. For the sake of jainey and my dad, I didn’t outright post them here, but you know where to find them if you really want to see them. The measurements I never posted here because I didn’t think I had to, but since I took them again this week, I thought I would today…

Jan April
Chest: 39 37
Waist: 33 30
Hips: 43 40

I mean, I know the scale is going down. I can see that. I know that clothes are fitting better and I can even fit into old stuff again. That is obvious. People are making comments about how my butt is shrinking. But sometimes I don’t see it. It’s things like this that smack me in the face and make me realize that I am doing things right.

Weight loss is (to be blunt) a mind f*ck. I will always suffer from body dysmorphia whether I’m 130lbs or 200lbs. It’s sad, but it’s reality. Despite being a healthy size for the past three and a half years, I still see myself as an overweight girl, because that’s what I saw myself as for the majority of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love myself more and more each day, but I still see others in the world around me and think that I’m much larger than them, that they don’t have the rolls that I do, and that I can’t fit in the clothes that they do.

It’s a struggle, but whose life isn’t, right?

But numbers don’t lie. I’m winning this battle.

Take that, belly fat. And scale. And pants. And mirror.

Do you measure your progress in ways other than on the scale? In what ways and how often?


PunkRockMom said...

"Weight loss is (to be blunt) a mind f*ck. I will always suffer from body dysmorphia whether I’m 130lbs or 200lbs."


Nia a.k.a. Genea said...

Congrats on the inches lost and being so close to the XWeighted goal :)

Tricia said...

great job on the inches!

H-woman said...

You've lost EIGHT inches in the last three months?! Wowsers!

What's the secret? Are you doing more than running for activity?

H =)

marie said...

@H I stopped going to the gym a few weeks before ATB because I've been pretty burnt out between ATB training, clinic coaching and work, so really it has just been running since mid Feb.

With work just getting more stressful, I don't know that I'll have time to get back to the gym anytime soon, either.

le sob.

Laura said...

I had out my summer stuff for our recent vacay and was very happy how well stuff fit..
..but I still feel the same way a lot of times when I was 20lbs heavier.

♥AbbeyMaybe said...

YOU are incredible.

hez said...

i meant to tell you after ATB that you are freaking tiny.

i get my man to take pictures of me in my undies every so often. then i look at my first set of pictures and compare the two. i like to have a visual of the difference. i am looking forward to taking pictures when at my goal weight. maybe i'll even post them on facebook! i also have a pair of size 15 pants that i kept for reference as well. every once in a while i try them on to see the difference.

Fran said...

I weigh myself every week and take my measures every first day of the month.

You're getting there and yes it's a struggle, a lifetime struggle unfortunately.

Sarah said...

Great post, so very true. You are doing a fantastic job and way to go on getting those inches down.

Heather said...

I still talk about the x-weighted challenge on my blog but I'm using more as a tool than an absolute.

I'm down 19 lbs and 9 inches and according to the challenge I'm waay off track b/c I'm suppose to be 30 lbs down by now. But I've decided I'm doing this for me and while reaching a 61 lb weight loss in 6 months would have been fantastic, I'm feeling good and the numbers are going down so if it takes a little longer to get there then so be it! ;)

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