GBU – Living Without a Carb Edition

Good – Mystery stomach pains have disappeared. Take that, all who rolled their eyes at me and said, “this one thinks she suddenly has a gluten problem!”
Bad – All I want is sugar. BADLY.
Ugly – I may have stood a little too long pressed up against the ice cream freezer at an unnamed grocery store last night. Security may or may not have helped me move along.


Good – Even though I said Paleo, I’m still eating taters and corn. My mother would probably disown me if I gave that stuff up. So you all can rest easy knowing that I haven’t gone off the deep end and am not doing this for vanity’s sake.
Bad – I may have gone off another deep end and tried mashed cauliflower though. Whoever in their right mind said THAT was a replacement for mashed potatoes was smoking some FANTASTIC crack.
Ugly – Have you SEEN mashed cauliflower?! I spared you the image of what I ended up with. You’re welcome.

Weigh-in for Monday, April 26 - 156.6lbs

Good – Helloooooooooooo, Nurse!
Bad – Is it wrong that vanity reared its ugly head here for a split second where I suddenly thought there should be a larger loss than 1.8lbs? Yeah. We quickly recovered from that. Have no fear.
Ugly – That frackin’ vanity. She’s a nasty bitch.


Good – This weekend is the Sporting Life 10km! Our clinic’s goal race! Jainey runs down Yonge St. with a camera! He might actually blog! O.M.G!
Bad – Uh. How do I carb load without pasta? (I know carbs naturally occur in other things, like broccoli. I’m just being obtuse.  YOU MADE ME RUIN MY FUNNY)
Ugly – See above. Hmmph.


Good – Eating the perimeter of your store. GET ON THAT SHIZNIT, PEOPLE!
Bad – I may have taken to eating fruit daily. More than the apple I was forcing myself to eat daily.
Ugly – I may or may not be the mouse you once knew. Pray for me.


Laura said...

Have a great race. Pray for me as I die through 42.2km....
What about rice pasta or soba noodles? Even brn rice?

marie said...

I'm doing paleo for two weeks, that's why no rice or noodle.

I'll probably cheat :)

Or just eat taters :)

Janna said...

Congrats on the WI!

Good Luck with the run!

Christy said...

Awesome WI! I have to ask if you are eating dairy? I'm trying a few different things to kick start my weight loss. I eat quite a bit of yogurt and cottage cheese (one of them at least once a day) so I'm just wondering if you are eating it?
I love your GBU posts!

Sarah said...

Thank you for GBU! Great job on the loss, goodluck with your race, you'll do awesome.

marie said...

@christy I am eating dairy here and there. I'll try and take pics of what I eat today and post about it tomorrow, just to give you some perspective, but last week I did have cheddar cheese as afternoon snacks and did eat some greek yogurt for breakfast on the weekend with pancakes for extra protein.

@laura is your marathon already this weekend?!?!?

@sarah CONGRATS ON YOUR HALF!!!! :) :)

sunshine! said...

Good luck on your run.....and what's wrong with -1.8? I'd take it any day.....like today....like in 45 minutes when I have my WI and WW meeting!

Jennifer Brindley said...

Super congrats.

Super jealous.

You're super awesome.


Kathleen M said...

OMG Blog indeed, and I hope to be cheering you and Jainey on for Sunday!!! And good work with the Paleo stuff--I think I'd be living in the ice cream freezer by now.

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