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So the theme for last week has been motivation. I’ve had to talk about it in just about every conversation I’ve had.

I’ve had no issue in the past finding ways to motivate myself, from personal crises to sort of “ah-ha,” pant-splitting moments to overcoming insurmountable challenges (which were apparently surmountable. Who knew?).

But this isn’t for me.

I need to borrow your motivation for others. I need to know how you motivate yourself to get through a weight-loss plateau, how you see yourself up that hill you think you can’t climb, how you  push through the mental block half way through a long run you think you can’t complete and how you make any dream a reality.

It’s what you tell yourself, what you visualize, what you repeat in your head, over and over to turn a can’t attitude into a can do.

Because, frankly, I’m tired of hearing it from people.

So I want to be armed with the best from others, as sometimes my words of wisdom fall flat, short or on deaf ears.

Hit me with your best shot, kiddos.

Don’t motivate me, motivate others, because I know you do it so well, and lots of people need it.



Jessie said...

On long runs or long workouts, I just repeat over and over "you aren't going to die, you aren't going to die, you aren't going to die" because I know that I can do it and it might SUCK at the time, but I know it won't kill me. That's how I got through my first mile without stopping when I first started trying to become a runner.

Katie said...

On the long run I stop thinking. Its way too long for me to be left alone with my own thoughts (very dangerous). I listen to podcasts or audio books. Something good and juicy that I can get lost in.

Before I know it I'm done my set kms for the run and I still want to keep going because I'm not done the podcast yet.

As for motivation for short workouts...I like to visualize myself thin. Trimmer thighs, no wobbly bits on my arms.

Better still a buddy. Nothing like a good chat to get through the worst of it.

Laura said...

I remember when I taught the LRT at the Running ROom..the first thing I said to everyone was Running is hard. Period. They were surprised but I wanted them to be realistic...it any of this was easy, we would all be a size 0,2,4 whatever and eat bonbons while watching reruns. I told them to be able to run for 10 min straight at the end of the clinc, they have to keep at it and do the work. No magic formulas or pills or gimmicks.
So I keep at it, in good times/weather/spirits and bad and surround myself with the same kind of people.
I also find guilt a good motivator. (i.e. if I don't want to do a workout, I better find something better to do than sit on my butt in front of the tv...I usually just end up doing the workout...)

Nicole said...

I'm not sure where it came from, but saying this to myself during a challenging work out...or a challenging day living in a my new home (a 3rd world country), but it seems to *help* to bring me some strength.


Good luck. You rock.

Laura said...

Our coach also says: Suck it up Buttercup.
...and she's kept off over 100 pounds, done 8 Ironmans and more races than I know of.

marie said...

For me, it really is about not saying, "I can't" anymore. I can do things if I choose to.

I choose to try. If I succeed, great. The point is that I got up off my ass and did something. I earned the right to talk about it then. Otherwise, I can't brag about it. No one wants to hear you say you almost did something but were too lazy, too tired, too scared to do it.


hez said...

i get what you mean with the "i can't" thing. i used to be so afraid to try new things for fear of failure. now i just try, and if it works great, if it doesn't, oh well. i tried. i move on to something else. every once in a while i still have a moment of "high school gym class don't pass the ball to me i can't catch" panic, but i get over it.

when i'm having a hard run or workout, i repeat "just keep swimming" over and over in my head.

Rob Dyess said...

Like Jessie said- EMBRACE THE SUCK!!


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