Where’s that Weigh-in…

Maybe you’re wondering, maybe you don’t give a rat’s patootie, maybe you just stumbled over here because you searched “how do I know that my coworker Googled me” (yes, that’s the top referrer to my blog, sadly) and don’t even care about Weight Watchers, running, healthy eating or lil ol me :D

Well, the truth of the matter is that I was back up to 160.2lbs exactly AGAIN. Weird, I know.

BUT, I fully expected it. I seem to get crazy puffy and bloated after long runs, like I saw after the 24km run a few weeks ago, and I don’t seem to get the crazy water weight losses that many experience after a race.

And there may have been some Pringles involved post-race to bump up the water retention, along with all of the salt in the supplements sucked back during and post-race. Not too many chips, though. I actually threw out half of the can yesterday morning.

The weirdest thing post-race has been the disappearance of my appetite for about 48 hours and it’s only slowly coming back now.  I tried to force myself to eat after the race but could only stomach the pitas they gave us there, and then tried to make a healthy pasta dinner at home, but barely made it through half of it before putting it away. That’s where the Pringles came in but even those were unappealing. Odd for me. And that was NOWHERE near enough calories to make up for what I had burned off that day. Seriously. And I’ve been half eating meals since, too.

And although I used to be a daily weigher, I’ve been really good about ONLY weighing myself once a week. I won’t be looking at my weight again until next Monday, so I have no clue how this is all affecting me, but I feel super run down, beat up and like a sack o’crud.

But one GIANT pick me up was a  FANFREAKINTASTIC cookie that a clinic participant made last night in celebration of double digits (10km for them and 30km for me!). I may have one on my desk here at work for a snack today or I may just bronze it and keep it to cherish FOREVER. It was a variation of the Momofuku compost cookie (seriously – Google it for a recipe. Oh! Look there. I even helped you!) that included white chocolate (my fave!).  I know I shouldn’t be celebrating with food, but it was one cookie. Ok, two. But it was awesome. The champion of cookies. So awesome. I’m eyeing it right now and drooling. Get me a mop!


So hopefully all will be better next week. I hope. I pray. I beg. I plead.

After all, it’s Easter this weekend.

And I’m running crawling this bad boy on Saturday.

And leading a 10km LSD with the clinic on Sunday. Bunny ears may be included.

And then there’s chocolate with the kiddos.

Welcome to the roller coaster that is my life.

Please fasten your seatbelts and keep your arms inside of the ride at all times.

It is a bumpy ride.

But always entertaining, no? :)


andrea. said...

Hey, I'm doing that run on Saturday too! (The 5K). We really do seem to end up in a lot of the same places. :)

Maria said...

Ahhh! The inescapable Momofuku compost cookie! I tweeted about this bad boy on the weekend (http://twitter.com/anthimeria/statuses/11154927970). It's everywhere. I can't escape it... its deliciousness. :P

chocolateramblings said...

Always entertaining - yes!

Good luck with your busy (and sounds like active!) weekend :)

H-woman said...

I'm quite sure I've been eating everything that you haven't been! Must make those cookies....

cinemarie said...

I'm doing the 8k on Saturday too - maybe we can crawl it together? :)

I saw the word cookie in there - now I need one hee hee

oh and I DO care about you and your weigh in! :) I find it odd that you 'puff' after a race, but I think I'm similar - I too don't really get the 'water weight loss' when I race... weird... oh well! :)

You've been very good and are very determined with you plan to lose weight, I am sure that you are on track to get to goal. Even if it means a little gain once in a while! :)

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Hi there
Jaime over at Embracing Balance told me you collect Starbucks City Mugs. Is this true? Maybe we could swap...I live in Moscow Russia, and they have them here. In fact, I just bought a couple for my brother and his wife today (the pic is on www.exyoyodieter.blogspot.com if you want to have a look).

Just leave me a comment if you want to organize a trade...My parents live in Canada...the mug would never make it to Russia! :)

Glam said...

I'm intentionally not clicking that Google link to keep me out of a possible cookie coma!

That is weird AND frustrating about your weight post-run. Maybe you just need a nice long dip in an epsom salt bath until you're lobster red, followed by a delicious massage. I bet that water weight will run for the hills after that!

Good luck on your run this weekend & Happy Easter!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I got your message, Marie! They have the "old" style here (which are the ones pictured on my blog), as well as the new smaller one that matches your mug. Which do you prefer?

You can send me an e-mail with your mailing address to:


I'm going to Florida next week, so I can mail it to you from there.

Good luck with all of your running!

Jaime said...

OMG...I wish TO wasn't so far away because right now I could stand for some Mouse time...hanging out and talking about eating cookies and cheese. :)

Hope you are back to your old self PDQ...and the Easter bunnies are good to you. :)

marie said...

@ Andrea & MH - I'm doing the 8km. Email me if you want to meet up at any point!

And I want to feel like myself soon. Everything is putting me on edge and cranky.

I apologize to everyone in my life who I am taking it out on.

Especially Sam.

Sam said...


I'll miss you this weekend!

hez said...

i was up 5 lbs after around the bay. i feel your pain.

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