Remember that time where I was doing P90x?

Yeah, I try to forget it sometimes.

But then there are times where I hear people are doing it up or someone is thinking about trying it and then ask me for advice because they remember I did it for awhile and then I nervously laugh and look away, try and change the conversation or point out some shiny object.

Oooh! Pretty!

But here is the God’s honest truth…

  1. Yoga tweaked my knee
    FREAKIN YOGA, PEOPLE! And that DVD was the one I hated the most, by the way. And it couldn’t have come at a worse time. It was just a few weeks before I was to run the Scotia Half again. Did I really want to risk injury for the sake of the mediocre results I was getting? HELLS NO! Plus, I had a crappy race at that. So we gave it up TOUT DE SUITE! Plus it was mother lovin’ long. Hello?! attention span of a flee! Speaking of which…
  2. Time Suckage
    I was unemployed when I was first trying them out, but really – those bad boys take up a lot of your time, which I have NONE now. Ok, that’s a wee bit hypocritical. This coming from a girl who will spend three hours running ONE race next weekend (EEP!), but really? An hour in my living room every day? Sometimes an hour and a half (frackin’ yoga)? Spent sweating? In front of my tv? In my living room? By myself? Really? That seems a bit boring. Oh wait…that’s number…
  3. My muscles aren’t confused, they’re bored!
    Same thing. Over and Over. Week in. Week out. Oh wait. You give me a teeny bit of variety in there after four weeks. Just a smidge. Barely perceptible. Yup. Bored again. I’ve done this before. *yawn*

    Give me the open road! Give me scenery! Give me variety! GIVE ME SOMETHING, DAMMIT! Because after a week or two, I’m getting HELLA BORED and I want to turn off the bloody dvd. This is why I hate the 30 Day Shred. I hate the same thing over and over and over and over and ZZZZzzzz…
  4. Tony Horton
    Good GOD! I get that you have to be ON and motivating and cheery, but tone it the eff down. If I wanted cheerleaders, I’d watch cheerleaders! If I wanted cheese, I’d look in my fridge! And no one is THAT damn happy to be working out! Plus, you’re dogging it most of the time, dude! That flying trapeze chick is working up a sweat and you’re busy giggling like a school girl. Does not make me want to get ripped, X-style, or whatever.

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, in all fairness, it IS a good workout.

Would I try it again? Who knows? The testimonials out there are crazy amazing. The before & afters are PHENOMENAL. But you have to be committed and driven. I clearly wasn’t. There wasn’t enough there to keep me interested. Perhaps if it was a program that I had to physically go to, at an interesting venue with interesting people, then YES – I’d be all over that shizz. Alas, my crappy lil apartment is not conducive to a major fitness transformation.

Sorry, Tony.

Maybe once in awhile I’ll visit you and we’ll share some laughs.

Just not for yoga.

The sight of you in those tights is something NO ONE should be subjected to.

That’s technically number five.

Trust me - You’ll thank me later.


Liane said...

Loved the post!
I gave P90x my all, for about 3 days and thanks to my very, very short attention span, I gave it up. I was beyond bored.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have been on the fence for a while now about trying P90x but I think you just made up my mind for me ;-)

Doesn't sound like fun and for $129.99 I want to have fun!

Amy said...

This is why I love you!

H-woman said...

I don't think you should judge yoga on Tony's version of yoga. Just sayin'...

And I'm completely in awe if you can do the 30K next weekend in 3 hours! I'm hoping for 4!

H =)

marie said...

@H - um, no! Maybe if I cheat I'll do it in three hours :)

Probably 3:30-3:45. I'm planning on it being a LSD, for sure :)

There is no sense in killing myself in my first race over 21.1km :)

Laura said...

I say week after week that I will go a yoga session or a weight one while at the gym.
and then I finish my run and go home ... or to bed.
Can't win 'em all.
Did I ever send you the video for a tour of the ATB race course?
Ditto on the 3:30-3:45...I am praying for that anyway.

Natalie said...

I hadn't heard about these DVDs. Good to know though!

Sarah said...

OMG! How did I miss this post. Love it!! I hate the yoga too, 90mins...come on! I fiddled it for about 6 weeks, too long, too many, too busy.

But I do have to say I like Tony Horton (sorry) he cracks me up, yes probably in that obnoxious kind of way.

Jen said...

*laughs* that pretty much sums up my feelings on it too!!

I worked out with Danny, so it wasn't terrible, and we had some good laughs at Tony's expense...I gave up on yoga a few weeks in - and I LOVE Yoga...I just thought it was supposed to be a somewhat relaxing workout when it made me the sweatiest out of all of them!!!

We lasted 60 days which I thought was pretty good, but it wasn't for me...definitely more for the last 10-20 lbs kind of people!

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