Proof is in the Pants

A standard rule of measurement in weight loss/gain has always been the almighty pound. This has always been both good and bad as the digital devil has been know to drive me completely bonkers at times but also made me do naked happy dances on a Monday morning (thank goodness I keep my curtains firmly shut or my neighbours would be none too pleased. It is the cusp of the gaybourhood, after all…).

But the success and failure of my weight loss efforts have also been measured in my clothes, advice given and received around these parts time and time again.

It has been well documented around here that lycra has been my friend time and time again when my arse decided to expand again and it was how I thought I was hiding mouse with jainey, kev & dweeb, decked out in lulu, of course, at my nieces' dance recitalthe weight gain fairly well. But then I was wearing lululemon to just about EVERY family event, as clearly illustrated by this impromptu family portrait. Granted, the pants have made it easier to consume delicious treats and meals, but really, dimply bums in stretchy pants are not a hot look. Maybe for a soccer mom or for a fit young thing with a hot little booty, but I’m missing the kids and the SUV for the former and the cute little booty for the latter.

But with my 14.5lb loss since January 4th, I’ve noticed that I’m only wearing yoga pants to run in or on my way to the gym.

That’s right, folks – I’m actually stuffing my behind BACK INTO MY JEANS.

And there’s only a bit of a struggle, a small dance to get into them and a smidge of muffin top poking out of the top of them.

Yeah. You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Don’t even lie.

I call that success.

I feel comfortable in them. They’re not ripping in the ass like this frightening scene that probably led me to the all-lycra-all-of-the-time, and I feel CONFIDENT, which is all that matters.

The thing is I didn’t even realize the shift until I was getting up from a table the other night and I had to yank my pants up for fear that everyone at the table seated behind could see my pretty pink drawers.

And that’s when it struck me.

So although I love you, stretchy pants, you’ve been relegated back to exercise & lounging wear where you belong.

And I apologize to those people who saw my ass. Again.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Haha! Great post!

I, too, have done that naked happy dance in the bathroom (with the door LOCKED) and have made the transition to real pants with buttons, zippers and beltloops.

Feels great, doesn't it? (Except when you have to pee badly and have to undo all the hardware really quickly!)

Congrats on your 14.5 lb weight loss :)

Nia a.k.a. Genea said...

Love this post! I'm hoping to retire my "fat pants" by the end of March :)

Congrats on the 14.5 lb loss!! That's fantastic!

Nanookie said...

Woohoo! 14.5 pounds is awesome.

katieo said...

oh my gosh. I, myself, am walking around tugging up these too big pair of jeans. The next size down is a *bit* snug but not even CLOSE to looking as bad as the saggybutt pair I'm wearing now.

Great job, Lady! That is no small loss! :)

Jaime said...

hahahahaha. yer too cute. Yes, I say that all the time. cuz it's true!!!

Lucas said...

Nice work MOUSE! I can't stop stuffing cookies in my face this week and I'm waiting for the inevietable. Time to reign it back in. A 14 pound loss is AWESOME! Kudos to you chica!

Kimberley said...

Great job! I would like to see some new ass pics (in jeans of course) as well. Please and thank you.


Lainey said...

I thought the proof was in the pudding...I'm so confused! Why's everybody gotta confuse me alla time? ;o)

Yay for getting back into jeans! I'm okay with either yoga pants, which I wear unashamedly as part of an everyday outfit (um, not the same outfit every day, just so we're clear), and jeans.

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