I know it’s not right to love objects

Weigh in for Monday, March 22 - 158.6lbs

But right now I love the digital devil.

We’re BFFs right now, not to be confused with my BF Norman.

As you can see, my weigh-in today was 158.6, down .9, which I will take and run like a thief in the night.

I made some good and bad choices this week, just like any other week, but as always, the good wins out and triumphs over the devil, as seen at right.

And as much as I nattered on about my lack of confidence while naked the other day, my confidence clothed is growing more and more each day, and the black cloud that surrounded me last year is pretty much gone. It seems to shock people just how positive I truly am.

Like the other day, some random douchebag from my past decided to send me a message to get in my pants see how life was treating me, and was shocked when the following happened:

RDFP: So how’s life?

Mouse: Pretty awesome, thanks.

RDFP: Seriously?

Mouse: Yeah, it is :)

So as much as I may bitch and whine about certain things here, there and everywhere, things are pretty darn awesome.

I have to keep remembering that life isn’t always easy and every day is going to be a struggle, but the end result is amazing.

All I really want back is that feeling. Sure, the numbers on the scale are great, but the feelings I associate with being back at my goal weight are what I TRULY miss.

And I’m getting back pieces of that every day.

And today, part of it is thanks to that stupid piece of glass and metal up there.


Jaime said...

*puts a big shiny bow on the DD*


marie said...

I think he likes the attention.

Laura said...

I finally got on the evil doctor like scale at our run clinic...
and gave it a big smootch when I got off. I know it is a number but when it is a good one, it cannot be helped.
Great job!

Nia a.k.a. Genea said...

WOOOHOOO!!! Way to go!!!

marie said...

I think he's trying to lull me into a false sense of security or something.

Something bad is bound to happen, right?

Isn't that what normally happens?

I'll probably stub my toe on him tonight or something.

It's got to be short-lived...

Jen said...

Okay - I am doing one comment based on your last 2 amazing posts.

PERSONALLY, I am in love with you right now (MORE SO than before if you can believe it). Your positivity is infectious - and I find it even MORE inspiring than the number your DD is showing (that should say something!!)

Jennifer Brindley said...

Super Congrats! I'm so jealous you're in the 150's... ARGH! Way to go!!


Sarah said...

Yeah for you!!!

Angie All The Way said...

That is all so incredible!! Look at YOU go!!!! You got this goaliversary business in the BAG sister!! I am just so happy and proud of you for pulling through all of the tough times over the last year and coming out on top ;-)

Sonya said...

Don't you love, when the scale loves you back? Fantastic hun...

I'm glad you are feeling better about yourself. That is what is the most important....because you are right. Life is awesome no matter what.

Christy said...

You are AWESOME!!! I know exactly what you mean about the feeling when we are at goal. It's not the most important thing in life, but it sure brings up the rear when everthing else is going well. So happy to hear you are feeling so wonderful. You're right, there will be hard times but - like the quote says at my gym

Hard times don't last, strong people do.

And I've been reflecting a lot about life lately. We only have one to live. I'm never going to be 34 again, so I have to make the most of it. I don't want to have any regrets.... so keep up the momentum and do what we must to make it amazing!

Whoa, sorry, went off a little there.

Lynn @ Life, Health and Fitness said...

Marie your words have inspired me. I've been really struggling lately and I thank you for sharing this.

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