Fumbling Towards Mediocrity?

The last two weeks have seen me operate on autopilot.

I haven’t made bad choices per se, but I haven’t been tracking as I should be. The only thing that truly saves me is that I don’t allow any crap into my apartment and that I still make large meals on Sundays, portioning them out for lunches throughout the week. So somehow, someway, I must manage to squeak into my daily allowance, or just above, using my Weekly Points and Activity Points, earned through Run Club or the gym. I must, right? But that would require me tracking faithfully and measuring all of the time to know this FOR SURE. Because measuring 75 per cent of the time, like I have been, isn’t cutting it, CLEARLY.

But obviously something sort of worked this week, or I was only moderately good as I’m back to 159.5lbs.

It’s all good though.

Because it proves how sustainable it can be for me in the long run. How I can get back to maintenance at some point again and have it be second nature. I CAN maintain a weight, making appropriate choices, eating intuitively and not eating a lot of junk, getting activity and managing to stay the same weight.

But at this point I don’t think it’s good enough. I want to achieve greater things and get back to a better place. I want to run faster, move more quickly and feel better about myself. Sure, I feel somewhat content and am pleased with how quickly, easily and pain-free things have gone so far, but the past few weeks have not seen me put a full-effort in.

Mediocrity will get me through life, but not get me to my goals.  Half-assing inspires no one and will only keep me on the sidelines, not at the finish line.

Just getting by means life is still passing you by.

I’m already watching things pass by in a blur, I don’t need to missing out on even more.

This is me, trying to grab life by the horns again.

Giddy up.


Sonya said...

You're in a really, really, great place right now and I love it. There's a calmness about your post, which tells me that you're totally in control. Awesome!

I also laughed at your title today.:-) Thanks for that.

krissie said...

Personally, I like when I'm just treading water and not totally falling off the wagon. I know that I won't always be hyper focused, and that I will be able to maintain in those times. Just because I lose focus doesn't mean I'll end up where I used to be.

You kick it into high gear, girl. I'm right there beside you.

Except I'm in Kentucky.

You know what I mean!

marie said...

I'd like it better if you were in TO, krissie :)

jainey said...

so i'm actually pretty excited that WE HAVE RUNS COMING UP.

what. the. crap.

marie said...

Dude. If you want, come run with us this week since you have no vball :) I promise to make you soda bread for st. patty's day....

Cascia said...

You go girl! Keep it up you are doing great!

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