Right! I write…

Lately I write really poorly, though.

My brain has turned to mush, much like the sidewalks of Toronto.

Every piece I turn in at work is fraught with spelling mistakes, crazy errors and things I should have caught. But clearly I’m either lazy or have lost one too many brain cells.

Evident again in the fact that today is Tuesday and I’m only getting around to talking about my weigh-in of 161.7.

Yeah, it’s something to be happy with, proud of, yadda yadda, but I’m slacking off on weekends, making up with it for a long run on a Sunday and probably dehydrating myself a tad bit into a big loss on a Monday. Maybe and maybe not. I can’t tell for sure.

I have gotten into that trap of putting full effort forward from Monday to Friday and giving up at Friday at 5:30 p.m.

Now, if I only I could do the opposite for my poor little brain and channel all of that energy into writing during work hours and then stop giving a damn on the weekend.






Speaking of not so perfect worlds, snow turning to rain and me running in it. Blech. Sam & I are taking the kids out for a run tonight. That’s right, folks. If you’re gearing up for Sporting Life and need a fun group to get you motivated, you need to come find us!



WonderWoman said...

Considering that you will have ME to contend with this weekend, there will be no slacking off - we are going to work out, go for a walking tour, and eat healthy (and yes, I do consider red wine for me as healthy,as it is fruit).

You might even get a PRIZE!

marie said...


Working out isn't my problem.
It's the eating part on the weekends.

You will have to eat the cheese for me, dear :)

Sadie said...

I do the same thing on weekends. My tracker on the weekends looks bad.

I still enjoy reading your writing!

Lainey said...

I do the same thing on the weekends, unfortunately. I'm trying to improve but not succeeding so far.

I get out of it like you described when I'm getting sick or it's TOM. My brain goes away once a month for a week and I can't focus on anything (which is bad when you have a well-overdue library book to read and it's a tough one!), don't take in what people say to me, etc.

Natalie said...

Hi. My blog has moved to imlivinright.blogspot.com. I'm deleting my other one. I'll explain there.


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