An Ode to Normie

Norman, the most awesome English bulldog known to man!

My furry boyfriend,

Even though I am afraid of you,

Your slobbery little face,

And your waggly bum,

Make me smile.

And the fact that your parents make some damn fine food is pretty effin’ sweet too.

I will keep you, my dear. And Sam & Jeff, too ;)


spunkysuzi said...

He is adorable :)

Shirls said...

Normie is one handsome bulldog, super cute!

Anonymous said...

i luv normie, i miss him...almost as much as i miss you & sammy sam....


Sam said...

When I told Norman he was now famous on the Interwebs, he farted . . . . I think that means he approved. :)

H-woman said...

Norm! (a la Cheers)

How cute is he?! I think he could squash Nerm like a small bug, but he's definitely a cutie.

H =)

Izzy said...

He is SO CUTE!!

Jennifer Brindley said...

I'm so jealous. I seriously want your dog.

I might come dognap him.


Nicole said...

very cute picture of a very cute dog.

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