It’s all your fault, dad!

 Mousearoo's daddy is the cutest thing alive. Don't dispute, just agree and ooh and awwww.

I know you can’t get enough of him and he loves when his cute little mug appears here so really this is just an excuse to post a cute photo of him :)

But there is a point, I swear!

And I don’t blame him…much.

Apparently both my parents can now shoulder the blame should I slave away at the gym time and time again and never see results.

See, it’s not my diet and exercise regime, it’s my genetics.

This sounds like conversations I’ve overheard as my family has been strapping on the ol’ feedbag at an all-you-can-eat before…

Yeah, we’re genetically predisposed to be the way we are to a certain extent and no matter how much we huff and puff, we can’t blow the fat away, but really? Dad, I hate to break it to you, but you potentially gave me the “unfitness gene.”

I would like you to explain why you gave it to me and not Jainey, though. Are you playing favourites?

The whole thing makes my brain hurt, really.

You can try to decipher it for yourself here.

We can blame him for other things, that is for sure.

Like my cuteness. I mean, look at the man! How can you not want to put him in your pocket and just pinch his cheeks all day long?


Tundramunkie said...

Your Dad IS adorable!

Found this and thought of you - http://tinyurl.com/kusk5g

I think you should order one - seems like it was made for you!

marie said...

DUDE! Jainey bought me that for christmouse!


Tundramunkie said...

Aaahahahahaha! Nice! so glad it's already part of your cheese loving gear.

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