GBU - The I heart Steve Jobs Edition

Good - I have a new laptop! Wheee! It's a shiny new MacBook. OOOOH! AHHHH!
Bad - Said new MacBook came as a result of my old laptop no longer recognizing its AC adapter. It wasn't a case of the AC adapter no longer working. No, no. Vista, the bane of my existence, just decided to be the biznatch that it is and just no longer play nice with it.
Ugly - have you seen the price tag that comes with Apple products. Sweet baby Jesus!

Good - Fun new toy! WHEEEE!
Bad - Oh! Wait. All of my files, programs, documents, and essentially MY LIFE are on that computer over there that WON'T BOOT UP. MOTHER BIRD!
Ugly - Me. With a screw driver. Watch out.

Good - I can use my Microsoft mouse? For reals? and still right click? Someone is getting a huge kiss for this.
Bad - SAY WHAT?! I have lost my ability to use Windows Live Writer, people. GET ME A DRINK!
Ugly - This blog post. Avert your eyes. THE HORROR!

Good - I am no longer tethered to a power cord. Look at me blogging from the kitchen.
Bad - Wait. THAT is bad.
Ugly - Yeah, this is going to get that way super fast. Can I just saranwrap this bad boy? Is that safe? Do they sell such beasts?

Good - The learning curve is short given my history with these purdy little things in my work history.
Bad - My propensity to use CTRL + C, V, X, B, I, etc. in my daily life that will be HARD to break
Ugly - I have done it at least a dozen times in writing this post, making it twice as long to publish. Sigh.

But it's a happy sigh! :)
And in other news....
163.5 :)
Things are good.
And happy family day. Give yours a big squeeze today :)


Natalie said...

Cute post! Have fun with your toy!

The Merry said...

Oh noesssssss!!!! :( :( :(

Now you're one of them

Next thing, you'll be driving a Volvo.

(But congrats on the 163 number :)

Angie All The Way said...

Haha, you should have seen my wrath to the husband when he "convinced" me that there was no other way to go than to get a MacBook and then realizing that ALL Mac blogging tools SUCK!

*cue hyperventilation* lol

He saved the day though, by installing Windows Parallels which is really fantastic and I'm pretty sure it's free too. I've got the Windows Live Writer programs on there and blogging was back to normal! And it doesn't take over the whole computer when it's running either, so you can switch b/w parallels and everything else just like everything else.

Pheeeeeeeeeeew!!! I was pretty much in tears trying to use Ecto and the other godforsaken Mac blogging tool fails! Other than that little glitch, I do LURRRVE my MacBook :-)

Nanookie said...

lolz. Enjoy the shiny new toy!

marie said...

he he he. As much as I'm acting like a dumb blonde, I am very tech savvy and know how to run Windows on it, etc.

It just makes for a better blog post :D

Izzy said...

Yay Mac!!

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