GBU – All filler, gut killer edition

Good – I solved my own rapid weight loss dilemma. I kick le ass!
Bad – I stopped counting POINTS and exercising for most of the week. That sure fixed my wagon.
Ugly – Up .4lbs. Not as ugly as I thought but it works for me.

Good – Train trip to Ottawa. WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Bad – Have you taken the cattle car to the nation’s crapital with the unwashed before?
Ugly – Thanks to the spotty wifi provided by VIA Rail, I did not kill the obnoxious family seated behind me and they arrived safely at our destination where I hope they purchased the espresso maker, beaver tails and met up with Uncle Jimmy, all of which they spoke LOUDLY and REPEATEDLY about during the four and half hour train ride.

GoodSadie, Amy, Blingy, Nanookie, Lisa, Rebound, working out, all-you-can-eat sushi, byward market, CHEEEEEESE, teabags, bob barker, measuring tapes, wal-mart and craziness
Bad – Cramming all of that into less than 48 hours.
Ugly – Sore back. Sore ass. Sore head. Bloated. Tired. Hot. Mess.

Good – Home sweet home. My family. My nephew. Super bowl. My sister-in-law’s lasagna.
Bad – Don’t you think you consumed enough cheese already, miss mouse?
Ugly – Yes, I believe your stomach is saying YES, you did! UGH.

Good – Sitting around playing Wii with friends and family.
Bad – Your poor daddy learning how to play Wii and not having your Flip cam within reach to document yet another first for dear ol dad.
Ugly – When dad kicks your butt at Mario Kart and you own a damn Wii.

Good – MY BED!
Bad – The alarm clock
Ugly – My stomach is still protesting the weekend of cheese. Remind me why I love thee so and am nicknamed mouse?


Jaime said...

so I guess this means you probably aren't interested in the 2,347 hour train ride to Halifax? :)

Just yesterday I was wondering about your GBU posts. Mind reader!

Leanne said...

Sounds like a great weekend chicka!!

Except for the self induced gut rot!!!!


Tricia said...

loved the gbu format!

echoingmetaphor said...

Aw, yay Ottawa! The By-Ward Market is my favourite :D

echoingmetaphor said...

Aw, yay Ottawa! The By-Ward Market is my favourite :D

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