Sometimes things just work out

You know when you write a brilliant blog post in your head on your way to work and you really could have typed it out on your blackberry and you started to, but it was too freaking cold so you didn’t and all you were left with when you got to your destination was, “Where does that leave me? Well, right at the beginning, really.”

Um, yeah. How fitting.

So here I am. 3.7lbs down on my first week back on Weight Watchers Online.

Go me.

Part of me is doing my happy dance, shaking my big ol’ hips from side to side and part of me is disappointed Biggest Loser styles, as I am known to have a 5lb loss my first week back on program.

But dems da breaks.


I still have 20 some odd weeks on the X-weighted challenge to go. I have set a goal to get back under an hour running a 10km, something I have been MORE disappointed with than not being able to lose 5lbs (because I should give my head a shake there or a smack, really). I’ve posted my before pics on the challenge site (I will only LINK to them as research [and by research I mean having an actual conversation] has shown that my father will only read posts on here that include pictures and I don’t feel like torturing my dad, but just in case, Hi Daddy!) and the challenge has told me that I only need to lose 17lbs.




Here I am thinking I need to lose like 30lbs.

Apparently not.

This could be a lot less daunting than I thought. Things are TRULY easier when you break them into smaller, more manageable goals.

So here’s to 26 weeks and 17lbs.

or 16 now.


chocolateramblings said...

26 weeks & 17 lbs!? Totally doable!

Natalie said...

Nice loss! Shake those tiny hips proudly!

H-woman said...

That's a great first week! And 17 pounds in 26 weeks is completely doable.

H =)

Leanne said...

GREAT! First week!!!

Congrats, Marie!!! 17 lbs is completely doable.

And you are a rockstar so I know you will

Christy said...

17 lbs in 26 weeks, this challenge is YOURS! Good luck :)
You and Amy are making me want to take before pictures X-weighted style.

Nia a.k.a. Genea said...

Fantastic loss! And yup, totallly doable :-)

Amy said...

1) Nice new header
2) Way to have the courage to post the pics. I'm sure this was as hard for you as it was for me.
3) I hiked my pants over my stomach to avoid showing my lose disgusting skin.. so even more kudos.

You're gonna rock it Marie... but help me jebus if you win the trip to see Paul! ;)

Love you girl!

Jen said...

You and Amy are amazing for posting before pics...there is no way that I can do it!!! I totally admire that!

Um, yeah, you've got the challenge in the bag baby!

Shrunk said...

Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who's started off the New Year trying to get back on track. I'm down 4.8 lbs my first week back, and I've got about 28 more to go. *sighhh* Just wanted you to know that I'M WITH YA Mouse!

Kim: said...

I wanted to make my goal higher for the x-weighted challenge but it won't let me change it! It had recc'd 16lbs for me but I put it to 25.. I wanted to change it to 28 so I could have a round goal weight but it refuses to let me!

Good luck to you!! This challenge seems like it will be fun!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Love the new header.

17 lbs? No problem. You can dooo iiiit! :D

hez said...

i just posted my before pics. i wonder how they determine the goal weight? mine seems really low...it puts me just under a bmi of 25. i wonder if that has anything to do with it?

Lainey said...

Ha ha! You're so cute! :o)

17 lbs IS totally doable! Go Mouse!

Kimberley said...

Go Mousie go!!!

I am supposed to lose 76 pounds in 26 weeks. Not effin' likely.

17 is wonderful for you!!! I can't wait until you have accomplished this.

Sarah said...

Great loss this week!

I wish I only had 16lbs to go, that is great you can totally do it! Goodluck with the challenge and your fitness goal :)

Sonya said...

You're so awesome, Marie! I think you're a bootiful gal.:-) 17lbs will be gone in NO time.

Your new header is lovely, by the way...can you recreate mine while you're at it?;-)

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