Yeah. That was what I did yesterday morning.





Had I been careless in my eating over the holidays? You bet your sweet arse. Did I watch my weight increase by three pounds a day for a couple of days and do anything to stop it? Not really. Did I exercise every day last week? Yeah, I did actually.

Oh. Well, makes you wonder what horrors I would see if I hadn’t, eh?

So after the first SNAP that morning of me, standing naked on the digital devil and trying NOT to cry, I made a SNAP decision to sign up for Weight Watchers Online again as soon as I got my rear end near a computer.

My first two days have been stellar, really, as is the norm when you recommit. I’ve had the “I’m hungry and I’m going to do nothing about it because my day has already been planned and tracked! Ha! In YOUR FACE!” moments with an inflated sense of pride and righteousness that I’m sure you’re all familiar with.

It’s odd how that comes with the territory, eh? Feeling high and mighty on a lack of food (but not a lack of calories – let’s not confuse this with an eating disorder, now) is truly a BIZARRE thing. I don’t know about you, but I get all of these crazy images of my tummy eating the fat under my skin and the little victory dance it does over the bodies of the slain cellulite.

Hmmm…maybe I do need to eat as I’m clearly delusional.

So delusional that I stepped on my scale this morning thinking that ONE day of diligence would be rewarded with my goal weight.

Alas, a mere pound had disappeared and I was then SNAPped back into reality.

But I have to realize that THIS IS my reality. Counting points, making good choices and tracking are what I need to do, like I’ve done with HUGE success before. It gets results.

So I should be able to do it like this *SNAP*

Here’s hoping I won’t crackle and pop.


Anonymous said...

I am actually afraid to step on the scale. I have been on one major food bender since the beginning of the summer. I need that SNAP moment!

Jen said...

You are SO right...I love to think that eating what you want and sitting on your behind IS reality...but alas, it is NOT...

I love the honesty though girl!

Lainey said...

Flippin' scales.


Sadie said...

I'm so proud of you ;)

Amy said...

Uhh yah.. I'll be snapping come Saturday too.

Back to reality for me.

I puked my mouth this afternoon whilst trying on bathing suits.

If thats not a SNAP moment, I dunno what is.

Nia a.k.a. Genea said...

I'm proud of you mouse! I got the shock of my life on Monday too :( Back to reality for me as well!!! We can do this.

Chocolate John said...

Personally I'd look at a loss of one pound daily as both super awesome and totally worthwhile. hell even 5 lbs a week would be insanely epic in my opinion.
i know this was only one pound this one day.
but a somewhat steady loss can still be extremely awesome in my opinion.
but psh, i just gained ten delicious pounds in the last month ish. so i guess we'll both be working this weight off together!

Kim: said...

Reality is pretty overreated anyhow!

Kidding, good luck though!!

Christina said...

You can get to where you want to be Marie! You can do it!
I will be facing the scale and measuring tape at the gym tomorrow night, and I'm not looking forward to it. But this year I will get to the next goal. I know you will too! It is a bump in the road, and the holidays took their tole on everybody. We are human. We mess up sometimes. We get back on track and we feel better about ourselves. By the end of next week, you'll look back at the ass kicking you gave yourself yesterday and feel better.

marie said...

I know we CAN all do it.
It's a matter of us sticking to it.

Which I'm sure we all can...when we want to.

That's the key.

I want it right now. I NEED it right now.

And that's all that matters.

No butt kicks, Rah! Rah!s or there, theres required.


chocolateramblings said...

First: I haven't stepped on the scale in 8 months. I'm terrified of having that feeling.

Second: Great job signing up for WW!! Seriously, you know it worked before and gives you a sense of control - you know what tools work for you. Yay!

And one day, one pound? That is actually awesome. Imagine if only if would keep up that momentum...

Tamara said...

The digital devil shows no mercy. They should program them to give you your weigh less three pounds the week after Christmas.

Natalie said...

Good for you for getting the courage to sign up again. You've had so much success with it. I'm sure you'll rock it again!

JavaChick said...

Go Marie!

And yeah, I'm right there with ya on the first few days back on plan - not WW, but same deal; it seems so easy for the first few days!

Here's to continuing on, even when it gets hard. :)

Sonya said...

Good on you for returning to something you know has worked in the past. I"m trying to do the same this year. This decade.

krissie said...

I LOVE the thought of hunger eating away at my belly fat from the inside. I'm gonna keep that picture in my head all the time!
Keep on keeping on, girl!

katieo said...



(and for some reason I kept reading that last word as "poop" not "pop" and kept laughing trying to figure out what you meant...)

Laura said...

Honest post - love it. I would say: You go girl and snap my fingers but I can't pull that off.

Jennie said...

Woohoo! Go Marie! You've done it once and you can do it again!

I had a *snap* moment myself last week, and as of now I've just completed my first week back on WW Online, and I feel EXCELLENT. Once you get over that hump and get the hang of it, you'll be fine! I've found that that's always the hardest part, getting through the first couple days.

We can do this! :)


Anonymous said...

I've never commented before, but had to de-lurk because everything you just said about "lack of food" righteousness, thoughts of your tummy eating your fat, and half-expecting instant "goal" results after one day is so SO accurate that I wish this could get published in one of those fitness magazines! love your blog

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