Since EVERYONE is doing it…

and everyone LOVES a challenge, I will be doing the XWeighted.Com National Challenge starting January 9.

When it came up on twitter last month, I was of course interested but knowing that a lot of other people in our little community are as well makes it that much THAT more fun.

AND the fact that none of us have to actually run it is a HUGE bonus.

The challenge was created to help foster a permanent lifestyle changes and create healthier Canadians. It will run for six months starting this weekend!

But better health isn’t the only reward. There are PRIZES! Since Amy is going to murder us all and win, she’ll get fly off to Canmore with a pal to hang out with Paul Plakas and get her sweat on and make her dirty dreams come true, we’ll have to all duke it out for the second and third.

I will just be thrilled if I can score the shoes, the fitness equipment or the gift cards that they’re giving away as prizes throughout the challenge.

And losing weight and feeling better about myself would be peachy keen too.

They’ll be holding events on Saturday in my area, so I’m tempted to go in, get myself measured and weighed and complete whatever fitness test (*gulp*) they’ve got going on. But you don’t have to show up to an in-person event to participate. Just sign up on January 9 or 10 at xweighted.com and follow the instructions!

Then it’s six months of good eats and lots of sweat.

Totally doable, right?

But if you and your family are struggling with weight and overall health, would like more one-on-one support from the X-Weighted team AND live in the Vancouver, Calgary or Kelowna area, you should submit an application to the brains behind the show. They’re currently looking for families for the show and would love to tell your story! How cool would it be to inspire a nation and improve the health and well-being of your family, eh?


But if you’re in TO and planning on headed to the downtown weigh-in, let a mouse know. We can take the digital devil on together :)


chocolateramblings said...

Well, if everyone is doing it... I will to! I just won't be at the weigh in.. but I like prizes, and FINALLY a contest for Canadians!

Kim: said...

I had no idea this was even happening! I'm totally gonna play! Thanks for the heads up.

Jenny said...

Yeah, it's going to be pretty sweet, I agree! Glad to see you're joining too!!

Take care,

H-woman said...

Not everybody is doing it (I'm not!) but I will definitely cheer you all on!

H =)

Sonya said...

Oh, yay, Marie! I am thinking about doing this too. It'll be great to have a fellow Canuck (AND torontonian for that matter) do it with me.

Are you going to Extreme Fitness to get yourself sized up on Saturday? I'd like to, but am feeling a bit too embarassed about myself!

You are going to kick some butt.

Tiffa said...

Good luck!! Hope it's going to be a great motivation for you!

Sarah said...

You Go Mouse! I might do online challenge. Love your new header too!

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Heather said...

I'm doing it too and started blogging again today :) Bring it on and since I'm feeling chessy today I will declare that nobody loses in a challenge like this :D

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