Picking your battles

Every day I fight a battle with that stupid pastry tray in the residence dining hall.

In the morning it’s positioned next to the water cooler as I fill up my jug for the first time when I get my coffee and get hot water for my oatmeal or grab a boiled egg and an English muffin for breakfast.

At lunch time it meanders over and finds its way ON TOP of the water cooler, tempting employees to gobble up the goodies as a treat with lunch.

And yup – it’s still there mid-afternoon when I  make my third trip to fill up my 750ml bottle.

But why am I fighting this battle? Why am I even tempted by these treats?


Probably because no one is watching two out of the three times a day.

No one can see my sneak a muffin, a mini danish, a cinnamon roll or two. Heck, maybe there’s even a cookie today.

I could scarf one or two down easily whilst filling up my bottle and scurry back on down the stairs, no one the wiser.

Except the scale.

And my conscience.

But now you see this.

And now I can’t.

Battle over.

I win.


**to be clear,  I’m still super duper on program. The tray just bugs the hell out of me and I think about it CONSTANTLY**


Heather said...

how annoying!

One of my school friends was collecting donations for Bust a Move (breast cancer charity event) and handing out various valentine's treats for the cash...I told her I
d only donate if I couldn't have any! ;) lol

chocolateramblings said...

Oh torture!! I'm so glad we only have treat trays once in a blue moon... so much easier to maintain my willpower!

Glam said...

Oh, how I hate those cookie/cake/pastry trays in the kitchen!
Today was donuts. Big, creamy, fattening, gloopy donuts. I almost cried I wanted one so badly. But then I stopped reasoned with myself and had 1/4 of the donut. It's not worth losing my sanity over!

Stay strong! :)

The Merry said...

That's a good thought. Can you split a muffin with someone? Is there another Cookie Monster in the area?

p.s. Just because I may have said that I have occasionally had a jogging encounter that wasn't completely miserable DOES NOT mean that I like running! Pbbbbt!

Shrinking Sara said...

wow that sucks. That would drive me insane too! Good for you for keeping strong!

Melissa said...

Congrats on flexing your resistance muscle :-)

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