As if one challenge wasn’t enough

Have I mentioned yet that I’m running the Around the Bay 30km Road Race in March?

Yeah. I wrote 30km.

I have never gone beyond 21.1km before and I am freaking the frack out.

I signed up because a few short hours after the last CN Tower Stair Climb (where I may have been under the influence, and we all know that I am not supposed to drink), I *may* have told a fellow WeightWatchers.ca board member that I would run the race WITH her if she would do the climb again.

Because I’m so cocky about the climb being a breeze.

And running being so easy and all (insert eye roll here).

…when I’m drunk (of course).

…After one drink (I’m a cheap date – tell your single friends).

…and this is why I shouldn’t drink.


Have I been following the training schedule yet? Nope.

Have I been running much? Not really?

Will I be? Um, yes. I HAVE TO. …eventually.

I know I will finish the race, that’s a given. Even if I have to crawl. It will be a challenge for sure and something I will have to set out to best in years to come if I can muster up the desire to drag myself to Hamilton again *shudder*, but it makes me wonder if I will be crazy enough to challenge myself to do a marathon one day, something I had pondered before but then pushed out of my mind when my knees started to protest and I started to pack weight back on.

But a resolve to get healthy again, lose weight for good and push limits every day may make it a reality. Who knows what the future holds. Last year saw a lot of firsts for me and had me doing things I never thought I’d do, so who knows what’s in the cards.

I won’t count it out but I’m not going to set it in stone either.

But this one is already bought and paid for.

I’ll quit my whining now, suck it up and start my training. The booze got me in trouble, but my feet will get me out of it.

Was there ever a challenge that you got yourself into that you just couldn’t face or that you completed a tough one that you never imagined you could?


Sarah said...

Oddly enough, I completed this race in 2008. It was tough, I'm not going to lie. Make sure you do some hill training because the hilly section through Burlington near the end of the race takes a lot out of you. My legs were like Jello coming into the final stretch. But it was a great accomplishment and I'll always be glad I did it. I'm considering doing it again in a few years.

Natalie said...

I can't even imagine doing a 5k race never mind 30K. You're hard core. Even if you were drunk.

As for your question... No and no. Apparently I really need to challenge myself more. I'm working toward a 5K race in my head. Haven't told anyone until just now.

marie said...

@Nat I'm glad you wrote it here and I hope you do run it one day :)

Sarah said...

That sounds like a big challenge that you will do fantastic in! Way to go!
I want to do a half marathon in the spring. But I haven't signed up yet so not in stone yet.

My biggest challenge to myself so far has been teaching Bodystep. I broke my ankle doing the class and I didn't want that to be what I was known for, so the following year I signed up for the training. Than I broke my stinkin ankle again! But that still didn't stop me. I finally made it through and in the beginning I thought I'd get sick after teaching it was so hard but I got used to it and LOVED it.

Sorry that was long but it was a long road. Challenges are worth it!

H-woman said...

I'm running Around the Bay, too! We shall have to meet for celebratory bevvies apres race!

H =)

p.s. Now go for a run!

chocolateramblings said...

Wow. If being committed to a 30km race isn't motivation... I don't know what is?!

You can totally do it - no problem! And that is what you need to keep telling yourself while you train. Mind over matter!!

Laura said...

I've had some mild anxiety attacks about this race already - ran 18km with our group on Sunday and the idea of running another 12 was not joyful. We run the route a few times as part of the training so at least I will have a somewhat realistic idea of how freakin' long it will take me.
Whatever...I'm doing it and will run into Copps even if my top speed is 8km/hr (if I am lucky).

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