Sucking it up

It has been a crazy month here.

I was thrown right into the fire, which I love, but I wasn’t so keen on all of the unexpected. Having event after event definitely takes its toll on you.

So last week, I had to dig into my closet to find something to wear to a “formal” event. Now, this is no tux and ball gown event, more like a high school prom sort of dealio. Looking at the dresses and skirts I have assembled in my closet, I was utterly disappointed with what stared back at me. I have cute little summer dresses and one foxy dress that has a slit up the front that is definitely not appropriate for a religious institution (although, if you saw what the kids were wearing, I was positively school-marmish).Grey dress from H&M - only $49.95!

So, I gathered up my courage and a credit card, checked my pride at the door and headed off to Yorkville to find me a lovely new frock for the event.

And I think I did well. I find this adorable little dress at H&M. Since I’m a thrifty girl  and I knew this would be a temporary piece in my wardrobe given that I want to lose these 20lbs, it was the right store AND the right price (only $49.95).

It was perfect paired with black nylons and black pointy toe sling backs.

I think I looked pretty darn good. Sadly, I was the one taking photos at the event so there’s no picture of myself in the dress.

Le sob.DSCN2416[1]

But there was no reason to sob.

Not even for this.

Yes, I purchased the little grey dress in a size 14. Granted, it was bigger than I needed, but they didn’t have anything smaller that I would fit into. A 6 or a 2 was NOT going to work for me.

So I got over my fear of the double digit sizes, bought myself a pretty dress and got nothing but compliments.

Sometimes you just have to own what you got and don’t pay any attention to the numbers.


andrea. said...

Cute dress! Feel free to donate it to me when it's too big for you! :)

Nia a.k.a. Genea said...

Love the dress! And it was only $50?! Awesome!

Tamara said...

I love this post. Own what you got Mouse. I bet you looked beautiful.

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

That is an awesome dress! Bet you looked smokin' :)

Women's sizing is so effed up anyway that worrying about the numbers could literally drive you crazy. As long as it is flattering it doesn't matter what the tag says!

Sonya said...

Oh, that's so cute! I'm sure you looked really pretty in it.

Forget the size. You'll probably be tailoring that dress when you're smaller!

Natalie said...

I love the dress!

And what's a number anyway? It won't cuddle up with you at the end of a hard day or rub your feet. That's why you're a writer and not an accountant :) We know words are way cooler than numbers.

JODI said...

LOVE the dress, i need to shop at H&M more often because I agree - their prices are awesome! And who cares about the size, it's just a bunch of ink, printed on a label... ;)

Have a great time! :)

SH said...

Lovely dress! And with a long sleeved tee or turtleneck under it or a cardigan you can wear it to the office during the day as well. I love H & M for dresses at great prices. And as mentioned above, a dress like this is easily taken in down the road...

Shirls said...

damn - wish there was a picture, that dress looks awesome on the hanger, and who cares about the freaking number, certaintly not one of the many people that thought you rocked the frock.

Anonymous said...

Perfect dress girlie !! Wish there was a pic. Bravo !!


Sarah said...

Love the dress :)

I agree, its so hard to ignore the numbers but so many times people think I've lost weight and I tell them 'no its all in the clothes'. Buying the dreaded bigger size, but in reality it makes me look smaller than sausaging myself in the size I'd rather be.

Natalie Rea said...

I love the dress - and something VERY important to note is that everyone buys at least two sizes up at H&M. Well-known fact :) Merry Christmas!

Natalie @YMCbuzz

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