I prefer doodling to scribbling

But apparently I can’t change the name of awards that people create.

Bah – you all know how I feel about rules.

But Sunshine and Sadie received them and passed it along to me. I think it’s awesome that people do that but am always befuddled as to who to pass it on to, so I rarely do.

You can read more about this scribbler thing and its rules, but I’m making this up as I go along, as usual.

So instead of five of you, I’m giving you five reasons that I think each and everyone of you poor saps reading this drivel RIGHT NOW are completely awesome and mean the world to me.


Good. On y va!

  1. You cheer me on (and up). Given that many of you have never met me, I find it so amazing how you pick me up when I fall, you send virtual high fives when I’m trying to accomplish the impossible and some of you even think I’m funny (that one I am truly grateful for as I think I am the dullest girl around).
  2. You inspire me. Whether you’re setting out to lose 10lbs or 100 or you’re just whipping up things from what’s left in your fridge, you either make me want to get up off of my butt and do something or participate in a little kitchen creativity of my own. Wait a minute – the latter could be why I gained weight. Hmm…may have to rethink the awesomeness of some of you now…
  3. You give me perspective. You all give me a lot of it. Some days I think that I’m all alone and no one understands what I’m going through. YOU prove me wrong. You know the situations. You’ve been there. You offer the lighter side or show me that I REALLY don’t have it so bad. I get you and you get me.
  4. You open my eyes. I consider myself “in the know” in terms of current events, technology and other assorted nerdery, but sometimes you tell me about things that I had no frickin’ clue about. And it makes me feel like less of a nerd, which is hard to do!
  5. You’re there. Pretty simple, really. Your presence builds the community. You give and you take. You read and respond. You make this site a two way conversation rather than just me blathering on about weight loss/gain, food, exercise and the randomness of life. You may not comment or read all of the time, but hey – that’s life. Just knowing that you’re out there makes a difference to me.

And for that, I am grateful.


Oh – and I know that I didn’t post a pic for Monday’s weigh-in. I did take one, but I’ve been stupid busy (and forgetful). It was 165.3, which is up a WHOPPING .1 since last week. I have decided that my body is beyond ridiculous and better have a big loss next week…well, if the cookies at work will disappear, that is.



Lainey said...

Aw, I like this post! :o)

Natalie said...

You are an inspiration through your ups and downs. Thanks for letting us into your life! The reasons you mentioned are all the reasons I love blogging and being part of this "community". :o) Keeps me going!

Shrinking Sara said...

Cute post!! And you are hilarious, you and dull do not even belong in the same sentance!

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