Blogger Virtual Talent Show!

So a couple of weeks ago, MizFit hatched an idea to celebrate the holidays across the blogosphere.

From that, the blogger virtual talent show was born.

I had a bunch of ideas for it, but sadly I did not get a chance to do any of them because of the drama of my life.

So I give you this, a half-assed contribution to the cause.


Tamara said...

Cute drawing. :) You have a talent by the way. A talent to draw other people to you and a talent to make them happy. Just sayin'. Merry Christmas Mouse!

Kimberley said...

Very cute drawing.

No talent? I thought you were a fabulous baker. That is definitely a talent.

Have a very Mousie Christmas!!!

MizFit said...

you know I love my mousearooooooooooooo.

thank you thank you thank you for joining in my whackedoutscheme.

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