And I’m only half way done…

Boxes and tins of cookies in my fridgeAh! The Christmouse season is upon us!

Which means I get my arse into the kitchen to bake.

Since I have two weeks off (don’t hate!), I spent my first day of vacay baking away.

And I only got Ginger Molasses, Toblerone Shortbread and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk done.

My fridge is already bursting at the seams…

And so are the containers…

I’m still planning on baking pumpkin scones and maybe some oatmeal cookies, but will have to wait a few days for those.

I’ll have little people visiting tomorrow who demand my attention, although they do love to help bake…

We’ll see.

But I am proud that I haven’t had a single cookie, and with them boxed away, I have ZERO temptation to eat them either.

It’s just unfortunate that there will temptations everywhere this week.

But I’ll take my minor victory, thank you very much.

What are YOU baking this Christmouse?


jainey said...

i forgot you can make those!

marie said...

Who's your fave sister, eh?


BTW, you should blog for me more.

Just sayin'.

katblogsit said...

MMMMM sounds/looks good!

The usual Christmas baking this year for me and my family--coconut thumbprints, shortbread, butter tarts, pecan shortbread squares...can't wait!

Krista said...

Everything looks delish.

This Christmas I've made peanut butter cookies (which are topped with mini pb cubs), sticky toffee pudding, chocolate brittle, and cinnamon toast twists.

I would have made a heck of a lot more if I was hosting Christmas but we are off to the in-laws so I only did a fraction of what I would normally do.

Merry Christmouse!!!

This is my story said...

Stacey made.....
7-layer Magic Bars
Mississippi Mud Bars
Peanut Butter Fudge
Oreo Cookie Fudge
Sugar Cookies (with kids)
Almond Shortbread
Peppermint Bon Bon Brownies
Peppermint Bath Salts....

Merry Christmouse!

Btw - awesome job not touching! I can not say the same thing unfortunately..... :-(

watchmeshine said...

I don't bake. Not that I can't, but if I did, I'd just eat everything I made and it wouldn't be pretty!

You're so brave. Keep posting pictures, will you? That way, I can watch without having to participate :)

Natalie said...

Here's what I've done (and ate too many of):
sugar cookies
shortbread jam thumbprint cookies
molasses hershey kiss cookies
ginormous chocolate chip cookies
knishes (a jewish potatoe thing for my DH)
my memere's buns (sounds creepy)

I think that's it. But there are still a few days until Christmous so who knows....

Merry Christmas to you!

krissie said...

I am so proud that you haven't touched. I've had way too many. You know, the ones that touched another one so they weren't perfectly rounded. The ones that got a little brown around the edges. The ones that fell through the cooling rack...I make it sound worse than it is.

I made:
Peanut butter banana shortbread
Nutella Palmiers
Orange cranberry cookies
Mint Chip cookies
Butter cookies

I still want to make chocolate chip bar cookies and white chocolate chip cranberry bar cookies. Those are easiest. I might get them done tonight. Or maybe not.

Have a merry Christmas!

Laura said...

It's hardly baking but I made some haystacks for a staff potluck yesterday.

I am contemplating making shortbread for the first time ever because they are my husband's favourites.

JODI said...

I made dough for:

-pecan thumbprint
-walnut balls

Will also be making a praline pumpkin cake... Yummy! :-)

Tamara said...

I don't think that's a minor victory. I think that's a MAJOR victory! Well done Mouse.

I baked lemon square. Then ate half of it. Soooo not the right thing to do.

Shirls said...

thinking about this makes me wonder why christmas always equals baking anyway... hmm?

- sausage rolls
- spicy ginger molasses cookies ;0)
- chocolat chip cookies - nothing like a classic
- banana bread

all of which is done and in the freezer but it needs to come out so the visitors eat it all and leave us with nothing for leftovers

Shrinking Sara said...

No baking this year unfortunately and fortunately!

Toberlone shorbread - omg deliciousness!

Merry Christmouse!

Stephanie said...

How can you bake all those cookies and have no desire to at least lick the spoon? I am very amazed. I made some homemade chocolate turtles sweetened with agave. And ate quite a few. ;)
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