Planning Your Future

So far this whole work thing has been fairly good to me.

Walking for 40 minutes a day and getting me far away from my couch has me oozing positivity.

There are down sides, though.

See, my new position is at a university. The building that I work in has a residence attached and there is a dining hall directly above my office. Staff members are entitled to partake in the breakfast served daily. It’s a continental breakfast including muffins and pastries. Oh, and waffles on Tuesday.

Then there are community dinners on an almost weekly basis, usually featuring Korean, Taiwanese and other Asian cuisines. Totally delicious.

Today there were trays of treats with brownies, squares, and banana and carrot loaf passed around after an association meeting.

This happens at least once a week. 

So just like the students in the dorm across the cloister, I am now afraid that I will be gaining the freshman 15.

My saving grace has truly been planning out my meals and tracking. This week, I made a Mexican rice casserole as well as a chicken meatloaf that way I’d guarantee myself 6 POINTS only for lunches/dinners and allow myself a little bit of wiggle room should an unexpected treat tray arrive at my door.

The digital devil is even impressed, showing that I’m down a considerable amount since the Monday meltdown, even with a surprise invasion of a cranberry bliss bar thanks to a co-worker the other day.

Now I just have to make it through a dinner event tomorrow night unscathed.

Clearly I went into PR for the food.



tashintraining said...

OMG the cranberry bliss bar is back? I am so in trouble now!

That must be so hard resisting free temptation. I used to live in College Park and walking through the food court past the grocery store twice a day was hard - and I have to pay for the food!

Claire said...

You've got a plan! That's great! I think, dear Mouse, that you have come very, very far, and will not go down that 15 lb. road.

Angie All The Way said...

Hey not unless the new job also includes lots of boozin'! That's how I got my freshmen 15(40) :-P Okay yeah and it had alot to do with the cafeteria too :-S

You've got a great plan. Having that crap around on a regular basis would drive me nuts! It's also good that you'll be walking every day in addition to anything else.

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Congrats on the new job! You sound pretty happy...well except for the darn food arrangement. Stick to that planning!!

Sonya said...

The weather here has been SO perfect for walking! The crunch of the leaves under your feet feels so marvelous, no?

And I'm SO glad you showed the scale who is boss this week. Knew you could do it.

Amanda said...

Hee hee, I also work in PR (actually I came across your blog when you followed @CNWGroup on Twitter, I man that account) and I often joke that the best part of my job is the hors d'oeuvres!

Shirls said...

I missed the working post...

congrats on the job! Seems to me that yes there is a food challenge at the new work place BUT you are in such a different place than when you were at school before, today you know what to do and how to control that freshmen 15 catching up on you, plus your not a freshman, so it can't catch you ;0)

Sarah said...

Congrats on your new job!

I had the same dread when I moved areas at my work. I'm scared for Christmas but I've been great so far and I think they get the hint that I always say no. Goodluck mouse :) you can do it!

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