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I present to you 10 random and honest facts about…the food that I eat.

Come on! You didn’t expect me to ACTUALLY follow the rules, did you? Silly rabbit.

  1. I am a bit OCD about my meals having to consist of a protein, a starch and a veggie serving. I can’t do chicken on a salad unless I am having bread with it. I won’t eat pasta with JUST sauce. It needs chicken or beef on top. I know, I’m crazy.
  2. I will always choose a meal at a restaurant that features broccoli. It could be something perceived as gross like liver and onions, but the fact that broccoli was mentioned in the description is what will win me over EVERY time. I will also steal it off of your plate if you have any. Just warning you.
  3. I am NOT a fan of fruit. Bananas and citrus fruits give me headaches, I find, so I avoid them like the plague. The rest are just guilty by association. However, I do FORCE myself to eat an apple with my oatmeal every morning just to get at least one fruit serving a day. Fruit in pies is a-ok with me, though.
  4. I was saddened to discover that pumpkin is a fruit. I so want to boycott it but I can’t. It is just too good. As were the pumpkin scones that I made last week. I ended up throwing out five of them, though, because I didn’t want to eat them and they were going to get stale/gross.
  5. We all know that I’m a big boredom baker, but this weekend I replaced it with creative cooking (more so because planning and cooking my meals in advance has always been the key to my success). I decided that I wanted to make gnocchi but not just the regular kind, so I did. I had extra sweet potatoes from making Cuban-style pork stew yesterday, so I baked the others in the oven, added an egg and flour and *poof* – sweet potato gnocchi. I haven’t eaten it yet, but we’ll see later on this week just how well it turned out!
  6. I am so a creature of habit. I rarely deviate from my oatmeal and cottage cheese breakfast. But, with breakfast available to me Monday to Friday, I’m trying to mix it up by having a hard-boiled egg and an English muffin (see, protein and starch) a couple of days a week.
  7. Unlike most people, I LOVE mixing up my food. And I don’t mean variety on my plate, I mean literally throwing everything in a bowl and swirling it around. Like having ground beef with peas and carrots mixed into rice, or creating a mess of Christmas dinner by adding veggies to my mashed potatoes, throwing in hunks of turkey and stuffing and topping it off with gravy. Tastes. So. Good. Looks. So. Gross.
  8. I order the same thing every month when my parents and I go out to dinner at their favourite little restaurant in the east end – lasagna. In fact, I remember when I was a kid, my mom would go into that restaurant and ask them to make a tray of it for my birthday dinner. I don’t typically order lasagna anywhere else when we go out to eat, but I always have to have it there.
  9. If you’re selling a product that involves peanut butter and chocolate, I will buy it. It’s also my favourite ice cream flavour. Sadly, I’m not supposed to eat peanuts/peanut butter anymore because I’ve found that they too give me headaches. Sometimes I don’t let it stop me, though, and I head over to the Baskin Robbins @ Church & Wellesley and pick up a container of it. And then I wonder how I gained so much weight back…
  10. Growing up, we were never really adventurous in terms of food. My mother is Irish and tends to stick to burnt meat and potatoes for meals, so I was raised on a lot of that. It wasn’t until my first job where my coworkers were from Ethiopia, China, Malaysia and Korea, that I really experienced dishes from other countries (beyond the Canadian Chinese food restaurants in the beach(es) and the Filipino dishes at various high school friends’ “debuts”). Now I constantly crave things like chapchae and palak paneer.

So, what curious food habits do you have? Things you can’t live without? Things that you wouldn’t want to ingest even if I paid you to? Hit me up or play along…You’re it.


Sarah said...

You're one smart mouse! I love your 10, I used to always mix mashed potatoes, peas, roast beef and gravy together than put it in a sandwich, so good but so bad, lol.

Lainey said...

I'm like you with #1, but only with lunch and dinner. Breakfast I like to have protein, but I don't care too much about the other food groups.

I LOOOOVE jap chae!

cinemarie said...

interesting list :)
It's too bad that you get headaches from so many yummy things :( S is the same way, nuts, citrus, bad weather... really not cool... Best to stay away from the evil fruits then! I hope they come up for a cure for that some day!
Anyways, they say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away... so you're covered ;)

Kathleen M said...

GASP! you.threw.out.scones?!?!?!? HELLO! *waves*

Crabby McSlacker said...

Great list!

And I'm totally with you on 1, 2, 9, and 10--though we weren't Irish, just boring.

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