Facing the Music

November 16th weigh in - 166.1lbs


The dreaded number that appeared today is 166.1. The clever ones will note that the number displayed is a couple of pounds up from where I was a few weeks ago before Duracell did me wrong.

I am perfectly happy to see that number (although, my scale was acting really funky this morning and showed 148.1 at one point, but I knew it was just being a frickin tease so I tried again). The period of adjustment from my couch back to the working world was rough at first, but I’m managing now.

But you don’t really want to read that. I know you’re here to see what the scale showed me last week that I was so reluctant to post.

Well, here it is. I think I did pretty well considering I had a big fancy dinner on Saturday night and did go slightly over my points. Oh, and pardon the blur but I think you can appreciate that I didn’t want a perfect picture of this…

November 9th weigh in - 170.3lbs

Yup! That’s right! 170 last week. Looking back, I wasn’t that out of control to warrant such a number, but since I wasn’t tracking for two weeks, I guess it’s possible.

All that I know now is that I am on track, planning, journaling and making good choices. Things are bound to go my way if I choose.

And I will choose wisely!


Fiona said...

I am so happy for you that you are back on track. Keep up the great work.

chocolateramblings said...

That's awesome motivation! To see such a jump between weigh ins... I seriously need to get over my fear and just weigh in! So scared!

Nia a.k.a. Genea said...

Congrats to being back on track!

I have the same scale as you and mine shows crazy low number like that... then I'm shoved back into reality with the true number... sigh :(

Sonya said...

Great work last week! You're going to have another rockin' week. I can feel it in my bones.

Lainey said...

W00t! Great loss!

Natalie said...

Great job - you rocked it!

Tamara said...

Way to kick the 170's to the curb Mouse. buh bye. :)

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