When there's nothing left to say

I have a lot to say lately, but when I go to write it out, nothing appears to make sense. Or it’s so miserable that I don’t want to share.

So, Crystal tagged me in some meme/award thingymabobber. I am humbled, of course (it’s rare – go with it), and have chosen to play along.

There are always rules and I always ignore them. Refer back to her post for its original intent.


But enjoy/hate/tolerate mine. ON Y VA!


1. Where is your cell phone? Uhhh…

Seriously, I rarely know where it is until it rings. And most times it will be my bedroom and I have to RUN to get it before it goes to voicemail. But no one ever leaves me voicemail. Why am I paying for it anyway?

2. Your hair? Frizzy

If you have curly/wavy hair, I’m sure you feel my pain. Plus, it’s raining. Hot. Mess. Literally. I just came in from a run.

3. Your mother? Saint

Seriously. She prays enough for all of us, God bless her!

4. Your father? Adorable

You just want to put him in your pocket and carry him around all day. I love when he leaves me a message. It always starts with, “Mouser? This is your Daddy!” Like I didn’t already know.

5. Your favourite food? Broccoli

But you already knew that :)

6. Your dream last night?  Race

For some odd reason I dreamt that I was running a big race, but was late, and on the way I lost my wallet. It flew out of my bag getting off of a streetcar and blew onto the roof of a pizza pizza. Seriously. I can’t make that crap up.

7. Your favourite drink?  Americanos

All that I drink is coffee and water.

8. Your dream/goal?  Job


9. What room are you in?  Living Room

See number eight.

10. Your hobby?  Baking

It’s dangerous. I urge you to do something more constructive, and active :P

11. Your fear?  Animals

I really should get over this. People make me feel like I’m a child. I mean, I am getting better. I’ve actually tried to pet a dog in the last few years. I still scream like banshee when one jumps at me, though.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Happy

Life is that simple to me. I don’t care about places, materialism, property. I want to not feel worried about my future and be content. That’s all.

13. Where were you last night? Couch

See number eight.

14. Something that you aren’t?  Patient

I hate waiting. I hate being late. It’s then that my short fuse becomes apparent.

15. Muffins?  Pumpkin

I have been on a pumpkin baking streak lately. Muffins, cookies, pies – UGH.

16. Wish list item?  Job

See number eight.

17. Where did you grow up?  Beaches

It’s one of my favourite neighbourhoods in TO. It’s almost got a small town feel to it in such a big city. If you’ve been to TO and never spent time there, make a point of it next time. But not in the winter. It’s freakin’ cold down there.

18. Last thing you did?  Run

And it probably wasn’t the best idea. Wind, rain, cold – my legs are cherry red and my wheeze is ridiculous. As is my hair.

19. What are you wearing?  Socks

And I hate wearing ‘em. Must rectify that.

20. Your TV?  Little

I totally get mocked for the size of my TV. It’s cute. 23” LCD. I don’t need anything bigger than that.

21. Your pets? brothers

Given my fear of animals and a lack of space in the house growing up, we never needed a pet. I’m sure my dad and one of my brothers would have loved a dog, but the rest of us who aren’t so keen outnumbered them.

22. Friends?  Um, yes?

I have them. Aren’t you one of them?

23. Your life?  stalled

Need help getting into Drive again…

24. Your mood?  excited!!!!!!

There are about 60+ women coming to TO this weekend to climb the CN Tower and partake in other assorted shenanigans. Leanne, Stacey, Katie, Tara and a few others will be there. WHEEE!

25. Missing someone?  Nieces

They grow up WAY too fast. I hate that I miss so much.

26. Vehicle?  feet

They’re all that I need to get around this city. People think I’m nuts for walking everywhere. Especially my parents when I tell them I walk to their house every Tuesday. It’s only 10km, people!

27. Something you’re not wearing?  PANTS!

They’re capris :P

28. Your favourite store?  Guess?

Jammer dragged me in there yesterday. Neither of us have enough money lately to buy anything. Especially not the $89 sweater and the $229 coat I was coveting.

29. Your favourite color?  Blue

I don’t think this needs an explanation.

30. When was the last time you laughed?  5p.m.

Jammer and I were walking up Yonge St. and there was a man walking south acting as though his finger was a gun. Too bad he looked more Fonz like than scary/threatening.

31. Last time you cried? Every Day

One day I’ll stop. I promise.

32. Your best friend?  Journal

Weird that a book is my best friend, but I don’t think I’d be able to retain my sanity without an outlet for all of my feelings.

33. One place that I go to over and over?  Library

FREE BOOKS, PEOPLE! I’m shocked at the number of people who do NOT take advantage of such an amazing resource.

34. One person who emails me regularly?  facebook

I should probably cut off those stupid notifications instead of complaining, eh?

35. Favourite place to eat?  kevin & giselle’s

Because if I’m there, it’s usually a family gathering. And there’s pancit. Yes, I’m a tad obsessive about it :P


As always, I tag no one but if you choose to do it, link me back or comment so I can read.


Angie All The Way said...

You were the one who turned me onto Americanos!

I hope that any daily tears shed are followed by the 5p.m. laugh ;-)

Tamara said...

Your Dad sounds awesome.

I love libraries too.

I think I'd live without a car in TO too. I like the public transit there.

The daily crying has gotta suck. I hope the 60+ hugs and "eeeeeeeeks" will help with that this weekend. :)

Sarah said...

I love the beaches. When I lived in TO I would make a point to go down there are a semi-regular basis.

And I would go to the library more often, but the library system in our city sucks... all the books I ever want are reserved for months in advance! Boo.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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