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I got asked today why I volunteer.

What is it that drives me to donate my free time to something else in return for nothing?

I personally blame my parents. They’re so involved in the church and their community that I truly know no other way. Registering as a Scout leader was really a no-brainer despite the  nights when the kids curse at me I wonder why I’m even there.

It’s amazing to watch them learn new skills and grow into adults. It really gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

And then there’s that camping thing that makes it all worthwhile.

Tonight, I’m heading out with the boys in the wilds of Ontario for two nights under the stars. I know it’s odd for someone who is so firmly entrenched in a concrete jungle to be THRILLED to go off into the woods without washrooms or showers, but I fully admit to being ridiculously giddy about it.

Although, I’m not so giddy at the prospect of having my hair smell like a campfire for the next week. The price I pay for being a role model!

So call me crazy for not only volunteering, but taking a bunch of kids out into the woods on what is shaping up to be a cold and wet weekend.

Feel free to pray for my safe return :)


H-woman said...

Have fun camping! It's waaaaaaay too cold here for that (at least for me!).

H =)

Sonya said...

I love campfire smelling hair! lol...

That's great that you volunteer with the kiddos. Good for you.

I love volunteering although I don't do it with people really. I pick up horse poo and pee! I get to smell like that when I come home. Want to trade?

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