Better than a kick in the face with a golf shoe

Weigh in - October 19 - 164lbsWell, I’m up .2lbs. Am I upset? Yes, but at myself.

I made A LOT of bad choices this week and I deserve to be much higher.

Given that the week started out with Thanksgiving, including turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, lumpia, baked pasta, trifle, and apple crisp, I’m really shocked that I’m only up that much.

Did I make any good choices? Yes, and that’s probably what saved my butt.

I ran a few times this week, including Saturday’s race, I measured my food about 75 per cent of the time and even made chicken soup from scratch.

But what I’m most proud of is me being accountable again. I’ve hidden my ups and downs (well, you get a lot of down me lately, but given the circumstances, I could be a lot worse!), but I won’t be anymore.

Expect to see my ugly feet each Monday from now on.


H-woman said...

What's lumpia?

Congrats on the run, btw. I need to get my butt back out there. Stoopid cold has knocked me off my feet this week. What I would have given for homemade chicken soup....

H =)

marie said...

@H - I added a Wikipedia link. My SIL is Filipino and always includes yummy dishes.

I did miss the pancit this year, though :(

Tara Dufour said...

That's a purdy scale.

And there's nothing wrong with the number on it either.

You're such a trooper for running no matter what - I wish I were doing that.

Lainey said...

My ex-boyfriend used to say, "Better than a kick in the a$$ with a frozen mukluk!" I think it has a certain "je ne sais quoi" when put that way, don't you? lol

I wish MY scale said what YOUR scale says!

Glam said...

I feel your pain!!!!!

Darn scales. They are the evil.

Carolyn said...

Eeeeek! So happy to be back!!

I'm loving the fact that you are weighing in on Monday morning.,,freakin good way to keep you accountable on the weekends!

PS I have the same scale. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're being accountable to the blog world again... Hopefully it will motivate me to begin tracking as I should!
I'd love it if you posted more often, I can't get enough of your blog. Inspiration at the click of a mouse ;)
I see those numbers going only down!


Fab Kate said...

You're upset about .2 lbs? people pee more than that!

It's great that you're weighing in, but be sure not to get so wrapped up in it. .2 lbs is nothing.

marie said...

@fab - um...I haven't been wrapped up in it for awhile. I would like to get back at goal sometime soon, though, and that's why I weigh myself.

Did I really come across as upset about .2 in this post? I don't see that. I'm upset that I made bad choices and DESERVED to gain more.

Leanne said...

Phew @ .2

You know what you did and you know how to fix it.

Those of us that are oldbies know when we are effing it up.

And yet we do it anyhow.. I can't get my head around why I do that.

Thank goodness it's a new week.

Rock it!!

BTW>>> can't wait to see you this week!

Sugar-Free Cupcake said...

Good for you for being accountable. You know where there was room for improvement which means you also know what you'd like to do differently down the line. And hey, we all deserve to enjoy Thanksgiving without too many regrets!!

Shirls said...

your feet aren't ugly and honestly a thanksgiving week that included running and measuring portions, deserves a freaking gold star in my books not to mention the fact that somehow you really seem to have got your mojo back :0)

Sarah said...

Looking forward to seeing lots of feet on Mondays :)

Natalie said...

I'm glad I'll be seeing more of your feet!

Anonymous said...

Your feet (and the number between them) are just fine to me. As long as you keep being honest with you (and us!) you'll stay on track.


Shirls said...

odd ?, what portion of that number is the camera?

marie said...

@shirls - no camera weight. I wait until the number is solid to pick the camera off of the floor and take the pic.

Totally accurate weight ;)

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