Of course it happens at the END of summer

I FINALLY fit in a pair of my old capris.

A pair of capris that used to give me saggy ass.

Although they look painted on my legs a bit, but they FIT!

I guess this whole counting thing works, eh?


I think on Monday I might suck it up and stand on the scale just to make sure it has worked :)


Sonya said...

Right on, Marie!!!!!

Sadly, they are going to be falling off you by next summer, so you might just have to kiss them goodbye.:-)

katieo said...

awesome awesome awesome.

Sonya said...

like katieo said...awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just wear them regardless of weather, I promise I won't even comment when you come over Christmas Eve.


Life, Health & Fitness said...

Whoot, WTG Marie... I'm sure you can wear em once or twice before it's really chilly! :)

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