How do I get myself into these things?

As you all know, my birthday was three weeks ago. So far 30 has been treating me pretty poorly and I feel like my body has aged another 30 years over night (stupid knee).

But friends have been treating me well. Maybe too well. Grocery Store Birthday Cake in my Freezer. YUM!

Jammer decided we needed to celebrate my birthday again last week…with more cake.


I warned her to buy the smallest one she possibly could and that she would have to take the leftovers with her.

Unfortunately she only took half and I was left with three more pieces. And maybe I ate one more on the weekend…

BUT…good has come of it! The pieces I consumed were tracked and I didn’t go over my POINTS last week. I was completely on program WITH cake!

But I still have some left in my freezer.

Um…how long does grocery store cake last in a freezer, anyway?

And how much longer do I have to celebrate this stupid birthday?


tashintraining said...

I'm pretty sure that cake has already gone bad and you should throw it out :)

marie said...


Didn't taste bad on Sunday night :P

Sonya said...

Frozen cake *never* tastes the same.:-P

But maybe you can enjoy it in moderation again just like you did on the weekend. That's great that you stayed OP!

As for the birthday celebrations continuing - I know it's tough on the diet, but it sounds like you have some amazing friends.

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