Everything can be a 100 calorie pack!

Yup. They’ve gone and done it.

Oreo Cakesters, the super sweet,  cake-like version of everyone’s favourite sandwich cookie has decided to jump on the 100 calorie bandwagon to increase their take on the cookie market.Oreo Cakesters Original vs. Oreo Cakesters 100 Calorie pack - out of package, stacked up

Does everyone else see a problem with this?

These snacks are anything but figure friendly, with a regular package of two making a 6 POINT dent in your daily allowance. So just HOW does one go about making a 100 calorie pack of the delicious devils?

You make them about the size of a quarter.


NOTHING about these little bad boys are any different than their big brothers. They have the same ingredients and pack the same wallop if you eat the same serving size.

Oreo Cakester originals nutritional information vs. the Oreo Cakesters 100 calorie packsYup. Not only are they teeny, tiny, but the serving size is just under half of the regulars (23g vs. 50g), as you can clearly see on the package.

So if you were to eat 50g of the pint-sized snack, you’d really be doing the same damage as the bigguns.

So why bother? What is it about these 100 calorie packs? Why do we need the label to exercise portion control? Why can’t we just eat ONE Cakester and be done with it?

The whole concept is out of whack to me. A regular box gets you six packages, with two cookies in each, while the 100 calorie packs give you five packages.

If you could control your portions well, you could, in theory, have 12 snacks vs. the 100 calorie five snacks.

It’s all well and good that they provide a “sensible” (notice quotes) option for those who need them, but you’re paying such a high price.

Although, I paid a much higher price by throwing the Cakesters out because I would eat both boxes in one sitting.

You can repackage and reformat things all you want, the evil will always lurk inside.


Jessie said...

Those are so good that I bought a box of them and ate 4 100 calorie packs in a row. It was like eating air. Delicious, delicious, air.

marie said...

@jessie - BAHAHA! and that's why I never buy them but had to for this!

Laura said...

I learned the secret about 100 calorie packs a while ago. They are never satisfying. Every once in while, though, I have to relearn the lesson. Like the first time I saw WW twinkies. Stupid purchase. Sure, they are only 1 point each! They are the size of your thumb! Then I ate the entire box in the course of a day. Another time was when I saw the cakesters. I couldn't resist. I ended up eating them all in the course of an afternoon. It is a waste of money and calories. It's also not food. It is chemicals and sugar. I need to remember this the next time I get the urge to buy these things. They always disappoint (and I, in turn, end up disappointing myself).

Heather said...

This why...to this day...after reading warning all over blogland...I have yet to have (and never plan on having) an Oreo Cakester...lol.

I also don't buy 100 cal pack anymore...waste of money for empty calories...

myworldinmywords said...

I hate 100 calorie packs. Yay, just 100 calories of non food, garbage! I would rather have one square of chocolate, or a spoon of PB or something like that if i am wanting sweet. (If i keep the chocolate in the freezer, it does not tempt me).

Miz said...

I can not have these in the domicile.
theyve been banned along with skinny cows.

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