Dear Knees,

I know that you hate me and I fully understand why.

I tease you by doing smaller runs all week only to put you through the torture of a 20km run today (and then a 10km on Sunday).

But I treat you right the rest of the week! You get ample couch time, elevated on soft pillows and keep me company while I watch horrible daytime television.

But I can see why. It’s not only the running. P90x is tweaking you from time to time with all of the lunges, squats and silly yoga poses.

But we have to get along, kids.

We’re a team.

If I buy you ice cream, can we be friends again?

Or maybe just more ice?


Let a sister know.

xo Mouse.


Kimberley said...

I am blowing kisses at your sore knees. Hopefully the ice will help.

Tearose said...

LOl thats cute :P I hope your knees feel better.

Sonya said...

How cute. I'm sorry your knees aren't reciprocating the love right now. They can be fickle like that.;-)

Leanne said...

Just sayin... I saw a mickey mouse ice pack at the dollarama the other day.

Hope your knees feel better.

Way to go on the runs and P90X

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