It was the most wonderful time of the year…


Today would have been your 47th birthday.

I would have called you at midnight to sing to you.

You would have returned the favour 24 hour later on what will be my 30th birthday.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.

Many of those days I find myself crying, wishing you were here to laugh with me.

One day that sadness will turn to laughter again.

Until then, I have nothing but the best memories shared with you.

I love you always.


Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...


I'm sorry Mouse :(

Sonya said...


I'm sure she's looking down at you right now.

Sonya said...

I know she's with you, even if you can't see or hear her. She's with you and sooo proud.


Happy 30th Birthday tomorrow. I never realized we're the same age.

Amy said...

you're in my thoughts Marie.


Ash said...

Sending lots of hugs your way.

Happy birthday tomorrow xo

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