Having Your Cake and Eating it Too…or Not.

So last week I got older. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

The day did not go unnoticed as Jainey took me out for birthday brunch awesomeness and then my nieces showered me with love, their adorable art and AWESOME Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer cookie cutters (and then wanted to bake RIGHT then and there. *sigh* Kids!).

It was the perfect low-key milestone birthday.

But it was missing something.

The cake.

There was no birthday cake to be had this year. No candles to blow out. No embarrassing singing.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good thing to not be singled out in your favourite family restaurant, but also made me sad.

So off I went to hang out with my buddy D this weekend. I was tempted to bug him about how he got me nothing for my birthday, not even a cake, but I didn’t thinking it was tacky. Well, he was taking so long in the kitchen getting us drinks that I went to see what was up, and that’s when he handed me a small brownie cheesecake.

Yeah, the boy knows me TOO well.

So I tried my best not to cry or knock him over in a giant bear hug, instead choosing to stand there dumbfounded with my hands over my mouth. But that was brief as I had cake to eat!

And it was gooooood!

But onto the bad part. D sent me home with the rest of the cake. Now, me and any cake is generally bad news, but me with a cheesecake (no matter how small it was) is TERRIBLE news.

I could have left it there with him, but didn’t. I said I’d only take it if he wasn’t going to eat (so weak!) and he pushed the thing into my hands. I should have pushed it back but all I could think of was eating the delicious thing.

All. Of. It.

I got the cake home and put it in the freezer, thinking if it was frozen I’d be less likely to eat it. But the stupid thing kept calling my name. I’m on my couch watching tv and it called my name. I was running trails on Sunday morning and I could still hear the blasted thing.

So before I went crazy with an inanimate object torturing me from my fridge no matter where I was, I promptly tossed the decadent dessert out yesterday morning.

Yup. A whole half of a cake out in the trash.

I’m sorry, D :(

They always say that it’s the thought that counts and I appreciated the gesture more than anything, but counting up all of the POINTS that go along with it was just too much.


So what tasty temptations have been left in your hands that you just had to get rid of for sanity’s sake (and the sake of the scale)? Am I the only one who feels freed yet guilty when doing things like this? What would you do?


Heather said...

Happy Belated :)

What willpower you have...chessecake is my absolute weakness!

I probably would have done the same thing...I once was given cookies by my nan and brought them into work knowing they would be gone in 60 seconds and I wouldn't be tempted and plus scored brownie points with my cohorts :)

Kimberley said...

I have done the same with bags of chocolate chips, pizzas, Chinese food etc. I have binge ordered, binged and then in a fit of remorse thrown everything left over down the chute.

Good thing I live in an apartment because I could have seen me rooting through my trash if it were accessible. Boo to that!

Lainey said...

I prolly would have eaten it, but for the most part I've managed to get a handle on binge eating. No idea how. Once in awhile it still crops back up, but it's WAY less often (and less in amount) than it used to be.

Now, I always have to ask for cake if I want it on my birthday. Or I never get one! I was going to make myself one a few years ago, and my friend informed me that I wasn't allowed to make my own birthday cake, so she made me one. Unfortunately, it was supposed to be creative but it kind of turned into a bunch of cake crumbled up and piled on a plate, but the thought was there! lol

Sarah said...

One of my weaknesses is cheesecake too! And my mom made me an INSANELY delicious one this year.

My strategy to deal with it? I had a huge slice on my birthday - and then I gave about 1/3 of it to my sister and her family, froze three slices for me for sometime in the future and then ordered BF to finish off the rest before I could get to it.

The slices are still in the freezer! I'm thinking I might hit up one this coming weekend though... we'll see :)

Amazing will power to throw it out though!! I don't think I could do that!!

myworldinmywords said...

As i read i was cringing waiting for you to say that you had eaten it all and then, nope, you tossed it! Nice Work!! I don't know if i would have had it in me to toss it, but cheesecake isn't something that i would crave...had it been brownies...watch out!

Nia a.k.a. Genea said...

Wow! You tossed it out?! Awesome! I would probably have frozen it and made sure the BF ate whatever is left :)

Sonya said...

You are my hero, without a doubt. I would have eaten most of the cake and thrown out the last few bites, just to feel like I was in control.

You showed that cake who was boss!

Happy Birthday - what a strong-willed gal you are.:-)

Tamara said...

I've thrown away enough food over the years to feed a family of four for 1/2 a year. I never feel guilty about it. I'd rather throw it in the actual garbage can if it means treating my body less like one.

Binge eaters throw away food. It must be done sometimes.

TrixieBelden said...

you rock, my friend! but i too have felt guilty for tossing food, or not finishing food at a restaurant after i've ordered something too big and not worth taking home. but, i agree 100% with you, it isn't worth the points, pounds or additional tourture you would have put yourself through if you would have eaten it.

the most recent thing i tossed were chocolate chip cookies i baked for work "party" that 20 other women also baked for. (it was last december, so holiday themed, natch.) we all sat around trying to chat and not obsess over all the homebaked goodies, and all looking mighty unhappy i might add, and most of it went home. i didn't know what to do with 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies since i live alone, so i threw them away in a garbage can on the street. sigh. they were good too.

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