Seems to be a theme in my life right now.

I’m avoiding social situations so I don’t have to spend money or answer the dreaded question of, “what do you do?” when I’m introduced to new people.

I’m avoiding my blog. Not because I’m up or eating crap, I just feel like I have nothing to say (except right now when I obviously do).

AND …I’m avoiding my scale.


But this ain’t no pity party.

The last part is actually a good thing, I think.

See, almost two weeks ago the digital devil finally gave up the ghost. Or at least the batteries did. I thought it was kind of cute when it told me “lo” and thought, hey! Maybe it’s just commenting on my weight! Alas, it was not and I didn’t run out to replace them. Instead, it’s been sitting there collecting dust (literally) in the corner of my bedroom. It’s weird not to wake up and jump on it every day, but it’s so liberating as well.

I’m still trying to eat well with minor crashes when I am with my family and you have to have a piece of DQ cake to celebrate or suddenly raspberry cheesecake muffins appear (God bless you, Mel. They were so good). But otherwise there hasn’t been the “I need to stuff my face and eat that whole bag of chips” that I normally feel like when junk has magically appeared in front of me and I need to gobble it up before it disappears.

But there’s a lot of things that I’m not avoiding.

I’ve been trying to stick to the half marathon training schedule and even doing long runs all by myself.

I started P90x two weeks ago to try something new and have been sticking to it every day (I’ll write more about it another day).

And I’ve even been eating a lot of fruit.

Yeah. I know. Me. Eating fruit.

Who knew giving up the scale would get me to eat fruit.


So if and when you ever gave up the scale for awhile, was there anything you found liberating? Habits changed? Liked or dislike? What other horrors do I have in store for myself?!

I don’t think I could take anymore HUGE changes after the fruit…


Brooke said...

I've been seriously considering doing P90X. I could really use some strength training - especially since I've lost so much weight. You'll have to let me know how it's going - and your honest opinion about the program.

I think I need to take a break from my scale too - liberating sounds good!

Sara said...

P90x is always something that I've been curious about, I'm interested to hear your take on it for sure!

Fruit, you mean like actual fruit. What the heck have I missed out on these past few months!!!!!

P.S. I've been keeping you in mind for jobs but we are in burlington so not too sure if that is something you'd be interested in?

katieo said...


for a million reasons.

I have (for now) taken away the numerical punishment and reward system. Now it's the exercise high, the satisfaction of high nutrient yummy food. My focus is entirely different. "but what if I gain a million pounds!?" "But what if I'm not actually losing?" I'm trying to just be ok with that possibility. But when I'm working my butt off and my clothes are getting smaller, um...I'm really ok with that risk.

Sonya said...

Great post! I would love to avoid the scale too, and eventually I will. Right now, I just have a ways to go on my journey.;-)

As for the fruit - I have been a serious fruit monger this week, and I've never felt better.

Keep up the great work!

anna said...

oooh, i can't wait to hread about P90X. i've heard so much about it!!

i avoided the scale for a month and um, i only lost 2 pounds. gr! just got a new one yesterday.

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