And Packaging Gets Me Again!

So, in an effort to be thrifty, I was weighing my options in regards to meat at the grocery store a week or so ago.

I had read in the NoFrills flyer that President’s Choice had new easy-grill chicken breast portions. Now, six in a box for $7.99 is cheaper than buying two breasts for about six bucks each time, and would be easier for the Point calculations (2 Points each), so I threw ‘em in my basket and away I went.

Well, I finally decided to try them out the other day and realized they had QUITE a kick to them.

Why? Turns out they were Chipotle flavoured. Now, how the heck did I screw that one up?!

 PC Blue Menu Easy-grill chicken breast portions PC Blue Menu Easy-grill chicken breast portions - chipotle

Can you see the difference? I can’t REALLY see the difference.

What is with the blue confusion on Loblaw products and me?

But I really shouldn’t complain. I do like them, but would have preferred something without spice to it as chipotle REALLY doesn’t go with some things.


Have you tried anything par accident lately that you were happy with in the end?


Laura said...

That is *subtle*. Flavour under the french name. Not a nice surprise.

I would shop at No Frills if there was one here in Ottawa. I used to shop at No Frills all the time when I lived in Toronto.

I am allergic to MSG and am vigilant about reading ingredients lists. Every once in a while (every 9 or so months) I will pick up something new after factoring points and decide to try it. Dollars to donuts, if I haven't read the ingredients list, it has MSG and I end up taking to my bed sick (trust me, the details are TMI).

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I can definitely see how you got them confused. There are barely any differences! I think I would have liked the chipotle... I love spicy stuff, even though it doesn't go with everything.

Leanne said...

I did not even know that they had more than one flavour.

That is how tricky the packaging is.

I am so looking for them next time, though. I love these!

Natalie said...

I love those grillers! I haven't had the chipotle ones yet. I enjoy the au-naturel ones myself. On a low point bun with fat free miracle whip and lettuce - Yummers! They've saved my butt on camping trips this summer.

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