Another day, another bit older

Happy Birthday, Jainey!!! mmmm...oreo cheesecake!

Wishing my lil bro (and your bf) Jainey a Happy 28th Birthday today.

Enjoy the cake that Jimmy made you, the oreo cheesecake (picture above) that I made you (that I’m sure Kathleen will GLADLY help you with when she’s back home) and lots & lots of chips! :P

Love, your favourite sister.


Born to Run said...

Oreo cheesecake?!!! That sounds drool-worthy.

Happy Birthday to your brother!

Kathleen said...

Will I ever gladly help!!! I hope he also enjoyed the eclair sitting in the fridge. :D

....must stop looking at oreo cheesecake. Can't stop...

jainey said...

i haven't touched it yet.
it is surely an experience to be shared.

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