It seems so wrong

But tasted SOOOO RIGHT!

Take mom’s Irish Soda Bread (the plain variety, not the whole wheat that I’ve made before), dip them in a mixture of eggs, milk and vanilla.

Place in pan and cook until golden.

Irish French Toast!

So essentially, my heritage in a pan…minus the Native (maybe I should try bannock French Toast next :P)

Soda Bread is really dense and a bit sweet, so it makes for a really FILLING breakfast.

SO thankful that my mother only sent me home with half of a loaf or I’d be eating this for weeks.

In no way is this healthy or weight friendly. It’s just REALLY, REALLY good.

And mom said it was ok, even though I thought it was a bit blasphemous.

What kind of bread do you make French Toast with?


JODI said...

i haven't made FT in a long time but seem to recall anything that's a bit old, holds the liquid better... i've had it made with cinnamon/raisin bread and it was divine! :)

Tara said...

Mmmm, french toast.

We have gotten into making french toast sandwiches. Usually, PB and Banana on cinnamon raisin bread. Heaven!

That picture looks delicious!

Christy said...

Now I want french toast!! Made with day old baguette... my favourite :)

marie said...

@tara I've done the sammiches with almond butter and jam.




I could live on this stuff.

Kathleen M. said...

Texas toast!

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