How to Buy a NEW Pair of Asics for $12.99


Yup – You read that right.

See, I’ve been in dire need of new running shoes for weeks now. I’ve been running (or avoiding it, rather) on shoes that were well beyond their best before date. The problem was I couldn’t justify paying $100+ for new shoes right now. So I was using the old shoes as an excuse not to run, because sometimes my left knee gets a little sore and I know my shoes probably have something to do with it.

But I really couldn’t let it go any longer. I NEED to keep running and work toward getting back to my goal weight by my goal-aversary (which I’m starting to think won’t happen, but oh well).

Well, I figured out a way when I was cleaning out my wallet recently.

See, I have just about every point card that you could imagine, and I’ve only ever redeemed points for products once (which was SUCH A GREAT IDEA as it gave me the digital devil. Yeah, crappy choice in the end).

So I went online to find out what the cards could get me.

Well, with some of my Air Miles, I was able to get $100 worth of gift certificates to SportChek.

asics 1140s on my little feet


Knowing what kind of shoe I need to be in and knowing they sold a pair that would be ok for my feet, I hauled my butt in there as soon as the gift cards arrived at my door (only took a week).

I was lucky that they had a pair of Asics 1140s there in a colour I actually liked and listed at $99.99.

They rung up at the wrong price ($129.99), but after alerting the staff to the item on the wall, I got the right price and only had to pay the $12.99 difference for my new kicks.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am one happy mouse.


Although reward/loyalty cards can take awhile before they become worth it, the pay-out is pretty sweet.


I’ll be sure to christen my little rewards tomorrow morning.

No more excuses.


Kimberley said...

Sweeeeeeeeeet deal! Congratulations on your big score.


Lainey said...

Very nice! I wonder what I could get if I turned in some rewards?

I did get about $150 worth of groceries for free once (PC Points).

Crystal said...

That is awesome ... I've never thought of redeeming my points for a gift card. I really need to check out my cards and see what I can get me :)

Glad you'll be able to get our running and thanks for telling me to "Just Do It", I'm definitely glad I did :)

cinemarie said...

Yay! Mouse gets to run again!!! :)
That was a smart purchase with the air miles - very good idea - and these new shoes look pretty cool... Happy Running! :)

Sarah said...

Awesome! Good for you on getting a fantastic deal :)

Leanne said...

Sweet deal!

Nothing like a new pair of shoes to make the tootsies feel better.

Now.. get out there and kick ass.


Sadie said...

This makes me happy :) YAY new shoes!!

And your legs are HAWT.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Gotta love a sweet deal, huh!

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Good call. I've made seriously good use of my Airmiles over the last couple of years. Mainly on GCs that I give away as Xmas prezzies, but last year I got myself a Cuisinart Griddler and LOVE it. Good idea on the shoes though...I'll need a new pair sometime soon.

Shrunk said...

Sweet deal MAN!

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