The Road Less Traveled

I have running routes that I tend to favour in my neighbourhood. One of them is Rosedale Valley Road.  Rosedale Valley Road

There is something about it that I adore. Maybe it’s the way the sun peaks through the trees (more so in the fall when the leaves are yellow, red and orange), or maybe it’s the fact that there is almost 3km of uninterrupted running …well, at least when there’s no snow. That’s a lesson you have to learn on your own.

But I love that just a few blocks from my place, amidst the hustle and bustle of the glass towers and sirens of downtown is a valley that divides the core from the calm residential areas of uptown. A place where you feel like you’ve completely left the city, yet you can stumble back to it in just two blocks.

But I could do without the crazy traffic that can go with it so early in the morning.

All of he luxury cars that zoom by on the way to the office. The drivers that will not stop to let me cross when I have the right of way.

The road is like a flipping highway at 7a.m.

Apparently they didn’t know it was MY running route.

Perhaps this is the route too well traveled.

Time for me to branch out.


Oh, and to the brother who is more than a week late with his stale race report…in the words of our adorable father, “you suck.”


Sam - the Chef on the Side said...

Up to the BeltLine for you then!

Sara said...

I liked running on that road too, it is just such a surprise!

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